If The Power Goes Out, How Long Until Milk Spoils?

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Many people worry about loss of data on their computers in the event of a power outage, but there’s another threat to keep an eye out for the next time the power goes out. Think about the fact that your refrigerator relies on electricity to keep running, and if the power goes out, all of […]

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Choosing the Right Floral Cooler for Your Business

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Many florists opt for sliding door floral coolers. This allows customers to easily grab their own arrangement and bring it to the check stand, and also provides a great visual display for customers to peruse. If you decide to purchase a sliding door cooler, try to choose one that is self-contained and ready to plug […]

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The Importance of a Quality Milk Cooler

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Unlike a standard fridge, a cooler allows you to serve directly from the case or use as a convenient storage solution in a back room. It is also capable of keeping milk colder than a typical refrigerator, meaning it will last longer and reach its recipient in a more refreshing state. Many companies manufacture milk […]

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Tips for Choosing a Beverage Refrigerator

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If you sell cold beverages and need a new cooler – or if you’re just opening a business that will sell cold drinks – here are some tips for choosing a beverage refrigerator. When it’s time to replace a drink cooler or purchase a new one, there are three things a business owner should look […]

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Tips for choosing a floral refrigerator

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If you’re new to the flower sales business, you need to take care with every equipment investment you make. If you’ve been in business for years, you know how important it is to purchase the specific type of equipment you need to run your business as profitably as possible. When buying a floral refrigerator, your […]

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