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Types of Beverage Refrigerator

Powers Equipment Company can provide businesses with beverage refrigerators for various purposes. These include refrigerators for displaying larger volumes of beverages in full-length refrigerators with gliding or swinging doors, coolers for milk, and other refrigerators for storage.

Find the following beverage refrigerators from Powers Equipment at affordable prices.

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Powers Equipment Can Design and Build a Custom Beverage Refrigerator for Your Specific Needs

While we offer a comprehensive array of beverage refrigerator systems to fit an even greater array of commercial needs and locations, we are expert designers that can work with you to design and manufacture a custom beverage refrigerator to fit your special and exact needs.

Like every system that we manufacture, you can be assured that every custom beverage refrigerator that we design and assemble meets our exact standards for quality. That means the best materials, construction, and assembly with the highest level of technology to ensure your specific beverage products are maintained at the ideal temperature without wasting energy.

Explore our detailed beverage refrigerator product offerings and detailed materials and specifications to find the ideal system for your needs.

Beverage Refrigerator Warranty: 1 Year on Parts, 5 years on compressor.

If you have further questions on any of our products, or want to discuss a custom system, please give us a call or contact us online, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

A Variety of Affordable Beverage Refrigerators

Since every business that needs a beverage refrigerator or a series of them is unique, the beverage refrigerator must also fit their exact needs. At Powers Equipment, we’ve been specializing in providing commercial businesses with a wide variety of beverage refrigerators to fit the needs of the business, the location, the proposed beverage merchandising, the customers and even the staff. Whether it is for a specific type of retail location, convenience store, restaurant, bar or almost any other type of commercial business we can provide just the right beverage refrigerator for the unique needs of your business.

Our extensive beverage refrigerator line includes options for corporate and educational/institution lunchrooms that can meet the needs of self-serve as well as back of house storage and walk-in models for a wide variety of beverages. We use only the best components and technology in our superior designs to ensure that an almost infinite variety of beverages can be kept at the ideal temperature while requiring minimal setup and maintenance for many years of reliable service.

Call us for an instant quote or to place an order: 1-800-673-7868, or email sales@powersequipment.com

FAQs About Beverage Refrigerators for Sale

Adding a display beverage refrigerator in your business adds in-store marketing in high traffic areas to your storefront. This has many advantages including:

  • Increases impulse sales
  • Eye-catching presentation of high ticket items in a display refrigerator placed in high traffic areas improves the bottom line.
  • Beverage coolers also keep snacks, partaits, eggs and other foods fresh.
  • Choose the best commercial display refrigerator for your area, no mater how small or large.

Every Powers Equipment beverage refrigerator can be customized with many great features including:

  • Glass doors with stainless steel sides reinforced with insulation,
  • Adjustable shelves,
  • Internal fan to help circulate the cool air,
  • Digital controller to monitor and adjust the temperature (adjust settings without opening the door)
  • A powerful and quiet compressor that keeps a uniform temperature,
  • LED lighting,
  • Side lighting,
  • The ability to add casters on the bottom so you can move the cooler for cleaning or into a new location easily,
  • Use of high-density insulation to maintain the cooler’s interior temperature, this and the refrigerant used make the unit energy efficient,
  • Plain exterior case that you can add your own marketing to,
  • Easy access doors,
  • Locks for security.

Every convenience store has different needs based on merchandise, location and size. Use the following list so you don’t make a mistake on your next beverage refrigerator:

  • Make sure your display cooler is big enough and has enough room for easy merchandise access by your customers.
  • Make sure the unit comes with at least a year warranty.
  • Make sure you can easily defrost the cooler. Ice can build up in coolers and refrigerators and it will make your unit less effective. If it doesn’t come with an automatic defrost function, make sure you understand how to manually defrost it in the off-cycle to maintain the hygiene inside the cooler.
  • Use a sliding door if the aisle is too narrow for a swinging door beverage cooler.
  • Make sure to discuss the refrigeration system needs with customer service so that you purchase the correct unit for your merchandise.
  • Make sure that you will have the ability to restock the display cooler shelves without impacting the customer’s ability to access your store and merchandise.
  • Choose adjustable shelves so that you do not waste cooler space
  • Choose a black or white color for your cooler doors and cases which goes with any decor in your store.
  • Choose LED Lighting to inexpensively and successfully spotlight merchandise.
  • Make sure to choose a beverage cooler that will reduce your operating costs rather than skimping on a cheaper unit.