Commercial Floral Coolers

Decades of Experience Designing and Building Floral Refrigerators

A Variety of Affordable Flower Refrigerators

We have a wide variety of flower refrigerators to fit your needs, environment, and merchandise while their beautiful and inviting designs showcase your inventory in a way that helps to boost your bottom line and sales strategy.

If you need custom-designed flower refrigerators, we can accommodate your needs and specifications or help you make the right decisions on all parameters to fit your specific needs. If you demand a refrigerator of superior quality, choose a custom refrigerator from Powers Equipment. 

Flower Refrigerator
Image of a women arranging flowers in a commercial floral cooler

The best flower refrigerator must be made of the highest-grade materials and the most sophisticated technology in order to provide the exact environment needed for floral display and storage. The construction and assembly methods must be of an equally exacting and high standard of execution to ensure that the display environment is consistent, durable and beautiful.

At Powers Equipment, we have been constantly refining our flower refrigerator design and construction methodology for several decades. We bring those decades of experience in knowing what will work best for the specific needs of all types of flowers and arrangements as well as commercial environments. This deep knowledge is always tempered by our drive to seek out and utilize the latest technology, materials, and assembly methods that can improve on those exemplary designs.

Our flower refrigerators are perfect for use by florists, grocery floral departments, hospital gift shops, etc. Our refrigeration technology will hold constant temperatures with the high humidity and low velocity that will meet the needs of the most delicate flowers and plants. Whether your floral department is located in a supermarket, warehouse or convenience store, each flower refrigerator that we design, manufacture, and sell is optimized to maintain and extend the ultimate in freshness while enhancing your environment and fitting into the available space.

Image of a women adding flowers to a commercial flower refrigerator

Floral Cooler FAQs

Our floral coolers are specifically designed for flowers, with temperature settings between 38-42°F and humidity settings between 80-90%.

There are two main types of floral coolers: Sliding door floral coolers and swinging-door floral coolers.

Choose a sliding door floral cooler if you want to draw customers’ attention to your floral arrangements because it is great for display! Choose swinging door floral coolers if you want a more convenient floral cooler where doors can be easily opened and closed, so customers can easily reach in to pick a bouquet.

Ideal temperature and humidity settings are completely different for a floral cooler and a beverage cooler. The temperatures of floral coolers are 2-6° lower than beverage coolers, and the designated humidity level is higher in floral coolers, which is usually set at 80-95%. These settings are required to preserve flowers and keep them fresh.

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