Best Custom Refrigerator Manufacturers

Best Custom Beverage Refrigerators by Powers Equipment

Sometimes the stock models offered in refrigeration units don’t come in a size that’s optimal for a customer’s needs. That’s where a custom refrigerator from Powers Equipment comes in. We can construct a custom refrigerator that fits precisely where you want it to go, and with the custom features, you demand. Choose a custom color, side windows, door locks, casters for easy moving, and much more.

Additional features of our Custom Refrigerators:

  • Double pane and side windows
  • Mirrored end panels
  • Door locks
  • Solid doors
  • Legs and casters
  • Solid metal bases
  • Larger evaporator coils
  • Glass Shelves
  • Stainless Steel Interior/Exterior
  • Condensate Evaporators/Pump

In addition to our complete line of “standard” models, Powers can customize your refrigerator to fit any of your needs. If you demand a refrigerator of superior quality, choose a custom refrigerator from Powers Equipment.

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