Custom Floral Cooler

Custom Floral Cooler Options:

Image of a custom floral cooler
  • Heated glass swinging doors
  • Double pane and side windows
  • Mirrored end panels
  • Door locks
  • Solid doors
  • Pass through doors
  • Legs and casters
  • Solid metal bases
  • Larger evaporator coils
  • Remote condensing units
  • Merchandising Accessories
  • Glass shelves
  • Step displays

Need more specifics? Try custom floral coolers from Powers Equipment

Our custom-built flower refrigerators are available with a variety of options to fit any merchandising need. Whether you require a single-spot display case or a display refrigerator measuring eight feet wide, Powers can build it! And since our custom floral coolers are built specifically for flowers, the temperature runs at an optimal 38-42°F and relative humidity of 80-90%.

We can construct floral cooler models that fit precisely where you want it to go with the custom features you demand. Choose a custom color, side windows, door locks, casters for easy moving, and much more.

Powers Custom Floral Cooler

Side glass is a neat additional feature of custom floral coolers that many florists use to help increase the visibility of their product. For a minimal cost, you can add glass to either one or both sides of the refrigerator. This will allow customers who are on the side of the refrigerators to have a floral arrangement to catch their eye. Flowers can be beautiful from many different angles so why just limit it to the front!

We can also provide customers with glass shelves who prefer a more unique look. Glass shelves eliminate the standard wire shelves on custom floral coolers which look more industrial. Glass shelves make your flower arrangements stand out even more, while still being durable and easy to clean.

Some additional floral cooler features are door locks for additional security, bouquet systems which will allow the use of plastic vases that are attached to the back wall of the refrigerator for another unique way to merchandise, as well as casters on the bottom of the refrigerator for ease of use around the shop.

Custom Floral Cooler Warranty: 1 Year on Parts, 5 years on compressor.

Custom Floral Cooler FAQs

Flowers are best preserved at temperatures ranging from 35-40°F, so floral cooler temperatures must be set within this range. Higher temperatures reduce the quality and shelf life of the flowers insider.

A good quality floral cooler from Powers Equipment will keep the flowers and floral bouquets fresh for more than a week. Custom floral coolers from Powers Equipment are specifically designed with delicate features of flowers in mind. Floral coolers will keep flowers fresh as when they were first placed in the refrigerator.

You cannot use a commercial refrigerator or restaurant cooler to store flowers. Your flowers will die or decay very quickly in a restaurant cooler. Flowers require gentle airflow, low temperatures, and high humidity environment to stay fresh. Custom floral coolers from Powers Equipment are manufactured with flowers’ special needs in mind.

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