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As a commercial refrigerator supplier, Powers Equipment provides customers with a quality experience that does not end after the purchase. Our equipment is top quality, built to be consistently reliable, and customizable. Our after-sale customer service is unsurpassed and we are always here to help with technical advice, parts, or equipment selection. As a leading commercial refrigerator manufacturer in the USA, we understand the needs of the customer. We know how to keep flowers at their very best, store milk cold and fresh in your cafeteria or food service establishment, and how to have the coldest beer in town. Powers can assist you in any capacity. We are always looking for a new challenge, so do not hesitate to call and ask how we can assist you with your project.

Made in PA!– Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturer in the USA

Every piece of Powers Equipment is proudly produced by skilled craftsmen at our factory in Warminster, PA. We have been providing both quality commercial refrigerators for the industry and jobs in our community since 1935. As a top commercial refrigeration manufacturer, the goal of every team member here at Powers from the factory floor to the front office is total customer satisfaction.

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Commercial Refrigerator Supplier: Evolving with Our World

Our industry and the world continue to evolve and change and the Powers Equipment Company chooses to stay at the front of these innovations in commercial refrigerators. With new technology such as the very energy efficient and environmentally friendly R-290 refrigerant, as well as advanced controllers to make sure the coolers temperature is always where it needs to be, Powers strives to be ahead of the curve as a commercial refrigerator supplier by providing our customers the latest and most efficient technologies.

Quality Commercial Refrigerator Supplier for 85+ Years

Powers has continued to exceed customers’ expectations as a commercial refrigerator supplier for over 85 years because of our high standards in customer service, quality materials, design, availability, and performance in commercial refrigerators. As a privately owned business with management at every level on the shop floor every day, Powers has the ability to adjust to market trends swiftly and employ new strategies or act on special requests quickly to meet our customer’s needs. Our focus at Powers is always on the customer both before and after you purchase one of our quality products. Do not hesitate to call on us for any assistance required. We are here to help.

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Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturer

A commercial refrigerator is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment to purchase for a restaurant, pub, grocery store, or church kitchen. It’s critical to get the commercial refrigerator or freezer that best suits the space you have available in your venue. Top-mount refrigerators, for example, are optimal in dusty work environments, such as bakeries and pizza shops where flour can settle on surfaces. In hot kitchens (above 75°), bottom-mount refrigerators are favored because as heat increases, top-mounted models must work harder to stay cold. As a custom commercial refrigerator manufacturer, Powers Equipment provides many options for freezer and refrigeration accessories, including regular and automated industrial refrigerator thermometers that alert you when internal atmospheric temperatures surpass dangerous thresholds for food-service items.

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Custom Commercial Coolers

At Powers Equipment, we create custom commercial coolers and other refrigeration solutions designed specifically for your business. Our in-house design team is packed with experts who can craft exactly what you need, from pass-through coolers to unique sizes and shapes. We’re not afraid to push boundaries – whether you run a fast-food restaurant, a flower shop, a medical research facility, or a fishing vessel, we’ll design a refrigeration system to perfectly suit your operation.

What this means for you:

  • Innovation tailored to you: We don’t just sell refrigerators, we design solutions.
  • Expertise across industries: Our team has experience in a wide range of applications.
  • Unmatched customization: Get exactly the features, accessories, sizes, and colors you need.

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Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturer FAQs

  • Merchandising refrigeration is a fantastic way for consumers to purchase chilled drinks and snacks. There are several choices for refrigeration that encourage store owners to sell cold products on the floor of the store.
  • A Commercial Beverage refrigerator is another great way to chill drinks and snacks for customers to purchase.
    For flower shops, a floral refrigerator will keep your flowers at the perfect humidity and temperature with a side-by-side, swinging door, or sliding door floral refrigerator by Powers Equipment.
  • A milk cooler is your quick and efficient solution for consumers, students, and employees to keep milk fresh and readily available.
  • Powers Equipment’s Scientific Chambers provide a wide range of environmentally controlled chambers for Scientific Labs to accommodate many uses, such as vaccine storage, reagent storage, liquid chromatography, flammable liquid storage, and more.
  • If you’re wondering where to buy commercial refrigerators and freezers, Powers Equipment has a large selection of commercial refrigerators and freezers for sale at competitive prices.
  • No matter what industry you’re in, ensure you’re using high-performing commercial refrigeration units. It’s an essential investment if your business relies heavily upon refrigerated storage.

The number of sections your equipment requires is primarily determined by the amount of storage space you need. A commercial refrigerator with a single segment usually comes with three shelves, with the option to purchase more if needed. Larger commercial refrigerators are divided into two or three parts, each with its own access. If you’ve undecided on how many parts you’ll need, opt for the larger alternative rather than cramming lots of items into a compartment that’s too small. Overfilled refrigerators may be unable to hold stable temperatures and are more likely to break down. Conversely, refrigerators must never be less than half full for optimum cooling.

Dutch doors are a good option for some commercial refrigerators, dividing one vertical section into two different storage areas. Divided sections are more energy-efficient, which is beneficial if the device will be opened regularly. When a half section is accessed, the device will lose less air and the machine will not have to work too hard to restore temperatures, while the unopened parts will remain cold and locked.

Most versions come with solid or glass doors, but some come with both, with the glass doors on top and the solid doors on the bottom half of the unit. In certain circumstances, solid doors are the more energy efficient of the two options, due to better insulation. They’re also the most popular and, in most cases, the least expensive option.

When the door is locked, glass allows access into the reach-in cooler, allowing people to see what’s inside each segment before opening it. If the commercial refrigerator is frequently used, this could save money in the long term by reducing the amount of time the door is left open. It also allows kitchen workers to review stock levels without having to unlock the lock. A glass merchandiser can be used to showcase items to the public and is a great for selling bottles, cans, prepackaged treats, and other grab-and-go goods.