Wine & Beverage Refrigerators

Wine & Beverage Refrigerators

Need to keep drink bottles and cans at the optimal serving temperature? Powers manufactures many styles and sizes of beverage refrigerators in various finishes and can accommodate your needs. Whether the beverage refrigerator you need is for a home kitchen, outdoor area, commercial store, or restaurant, Powers has the style and capacity.   All of our refrigerators have compressor-based cooling, a feature standard in this particular segment of refrigeration, and are made in the USA.

If you own a restaurant, convenience store, or catering business, you’ll want to purchase the best commercial beverage refrigerator, and that means a refrigerator made by Powers Equipment. Approved for commercial applications, our commercial beverage coolers come in a variety of capacities, display types, and styles utilizing dual-paned tempered glass and powerful cooling systems to prevent hot spots.

Our wine & beverage refrigerators offer a large display area, sturdy construction, energy efficiency, and an updated design. With model dimensions from 33″ to 77″, one of our coolers is sure to fit your space. The 33″ and 52″ models are NSF and UL approved.

Types of Beverage Refrigerators


Floral Coolers

Keep your flowers at the perfect temperature with a side-by-side, swinging door or sliding door floral cooler by Powers Equipment. While a regular refrigerator for food or beverages keeps both temperature and humidity low, this is not ideal for growing plants and keeping flowers crisp. Flowers need to be kept in a humid setting, so they don’t brown and dry out.  That is why Floral Coolers should maintain an average humidity of 80 to 95 percent. This humidity level if utilized in a refrigerator used to store beverages or food would promote bacteria growth. It is important to choose the correct commercial floral cooler that meets your specific needs.

We manufacture a complete line of floral coolers for the trade, from single-door spot merchandisers to three-door. Our floral coolers are built specifically for flowers. They run at 38-42°F, 80-90% relative humidity, and are available with a variety of merchandising options.

Types of Floral Coolers