Premium Commercial Refrigerator Manufacturer in the USA

Benefits and Differentiators of Commercial Refrigerators

Powers Equipment premium commercial refrigerators are critical in keeping food safely at temperatures necessary for the health of your customers. To meet the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food requirement that food should be kept at an internal temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Powers Equipment has designed units for premium commercial refrigeration that are also environmentally friendly, economical, space-saving, energy-saving, and perfect for both food preparation and display. Powers Equipment makes several types of premium commercial refrigerators or coolers for all types of commercial uses.

Uses for Commercial Refrigerators: Store, Chill and Display Foods

Commercial refrigerators and coolers regulate food temperatures so it does not spoil. Within a commercial kitchen, convenience store, coffee shop or kiosk, there are several types of units necessary depending on the location and use. Powers understands that retail space is limited and that customer convenience is mandatory for reach-in, grab and go coolers, while back end food storage coolers should be designed for staff convenience and easy maintenance. That’s why we make so many different types of commercial refrigerators and provide customization of our units.

Commercial Refrigerator Q and A

Commercial refrigerators are made to handle the heat of a commercial kitchen, heavier use, constant changes in humidity (as doors are opened and closed continually) and frequent spills. Residential refrigerators on the other hand will not be able to keep up with the heavy use and temperatures will not be ideal.

As a commercial refrigerator manufacturer in the USA, we build commercial refrigerators to meet FDA standards to cool food quickly and keep it at consistent safe temperatures.

Commercial refrigerators usually last between 8 to 15 years, depending on use and proper maintenance. Powers Equipment offers a 1 year parts and labor plan on all equipment, as well as a 5 year extended warranty on all compressors.

Yes. All of our coolers use foamed with urethane in our factory for the highest level insulation on the market today. All of our doors include LED lighting systems which keep operating costs low and need to be replaced rarely. Our compressors are designed to run only when needed, saving energy and money for our customers.

First, define your requirements and choose the style of the cooler that will meet your needs. We recommend taking measurements before selecting a model to make sure it will fit through your door and be placed in the location of your choosing. Once you know the size, you can choose the style, which could be bottom or top-mounted compressors, different display options, as well as colors and other customizable features. It can be confusing and overwhelming to purchase commercial refrigeration, so do not hesitate to speak with our experienced sales staff to help educate you. We are here to help!