General Commercial Refrigerator and Cooler Maintenance

It’s important for commercial refrigerator owners to learn how to do maintenance to their commercial refrigerators and coolers. Powers Equipment has been making commercial display coolers and commercial refrigerators in Pennsylvania, USA for the last three decades. As an experienced manufacturer, we highly recommend setting up a commercial refrigerator maintenance contract with a local service company because it can significantly extend the life of the cooler and save on electricity.


Why Commercial Refrigerator Maintenance is Important?

Beverage coolersmilk coolersfloral coolers and other types of commercial refrigeration are important to any retail store, grocery, convenience store, caterer, hospital, hotel, and restaurant. If an issue causes your cooler to malfunction, even for a short time, you’ll have to replace lost products, and perhaps respond to unsatisfied customers.

Even new refrigerators can incur problems because it is always in use and never stops running. This makes proper refrigerator maintenance a priority even for new units.

Why Hire a Professional Commercial Refrigerator Service Company for Maintenance?

Commercial refrigerator service is critical for preserving the life of the equipment and decreasing electrical consumption. Commercial coolers that are regularly maintained and inspected run more efficiently and have fewer serious repair issues because problems are fixed before they escalate. Refrigerator maintenance also includes cleaning, which is very important to food safety.

Your Service Contract Should include the following Maintenance Tasks:

  • Clean fan blades and evaporator
  • Pressure clean all air-cooled condenser coils
  • Pressure clean all drains
  • Check to wire
  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Check lines for condensation
  • Check temperature, defrost settings and cycling
  • Check filters
  • Check insulation
  • Check door gaskets for holes, cracks, and signs of wear – replace if necessary
  • Check door hinges and automatic closers
  • Check for air leaks
  • Check fan motor
  • Lubricate door hinges
  • Oil motors or bearings
  • Calibrate thermometers – check for accuracy
  • Inspect unit compressor

The service technician should provide you with a detailed report on each unit (including make, model, serial number and temperature settings) with a list of necessary refrigerator repairs.

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