The main considerations when deciding on the type of a commercial refrigerator is your budget, amount of space, and the sizes and selections of the products you want to keep cool. Since commercial coolers come in many sizes, shapes and styles, you have many choices. It is often easiest to call one of Powers Equipment’s representatives for help in your decision. A rule of thumb is to purchase a commercial refrigerator with the same number of doors as the number of sections you want to display. Make sure to measure the width, depth and height of the space you are considering for use. If people will be reaching into the cooler, a 2-door style is most popular. 

A swinging door cooler has a larger opening, but takes space out of the aisle when the door is open. Additionally patrons can let out a lot of cold air when standing in front of a swinging door refrigerator that is open. This makes sliding door coolers a much more space and economically efficient option, but everything is not as easily accessible to the customer.

Commercial coolers are available with either bottom mounted or top mounted compressors. A top mounted compressor naturally allows for more storage, and keeps things like dust and dirt from entering the compressor. Bottom  mounts are easier to service and keep clean, as well as being generally less expensive. In some cases, having the air flow from a top-mount compressor is very important, such as the case with floral displays in a commercial glass door cooler. 

If you need to move the unit easily, it is recommended to purchase one with castor wheels. These are available, and the casters have locks to stabilize the unit.

Any licensed refrigeration mechanic can work on your cooler. If you have any questions or if your cooler is under warranty, please call Powers first and we can assist you.