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Purchasing a commercial milk cooler goes a long way for those seeking a foolproof way of preserving milk for sale. If you’re looking for a milk refrigerator with added versatility and one that offers energy efficiency, look no further than Powers Equipment! As market leaders dedicated to providing top-quality solutions for storing perishable dairy products and other beverages, their extensive line-up of commercial refrigerators allows for customization, tailored precisely to your business requirements.

What Is The Best Temperature To Store Milk In A Milk Cooler?

A proper storage environment is vital if you want your milk to stay fresh and safe for human consumption. Achieving the right environment involves maintaining the right temperatures, and keeping them low. According to the FDA, dairy products require storage solutions that support sub-40-degree Fahrenheit temperatures to prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. Observing these protocols and investing in a milk cooler is the best solution for storing milk and preserving its freshness. Though milk coolers are open to room temperatures, they are designed to maintain proper temperatures for milk.

What Is The Most Energy-Efficient Refrigeration System?

In terms of energy efficiency, the R-290 hydrocarbon refrigerant is one of the top options for milk coolers and other beverage display cases. Its makeup lacks toxic elements that harm the ozone layer, making it ecologically friendly. In addition, hydrocarbons (natural compounds consisting of carbon and hydrogen) are very cost-effective. This makes them an ideal choice for anyone looking for commercial refrigeration solutions without breaking their budget. In addition to the benefits offered by R-290, switching from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) reduces total emissions up to 28 percent. Though they are built to be open to room temperature air, it is possible for milk coolers to achieve energy efficiency.

What Are The Three Benefits Of Energy Efficiency?

Finding energy efficiency in commercial refrigerators and milk coolers is a valuable practice with numerous benefits for individuals and businesses. These benefits include:

  • The potential to diminish greenhouse gas emissions and additional harmful pollutants are known to cause climate change
  • Saving money on electric bills increases financial flexibility for other business needs
  • Supports the dependability of our electric grid by reducing peak times of high demand during hot weather when air conditioning units are running simultaneously

What Are The Benefits Of Energy Efficiency For Business?

Implementing various practical energy-saving measures for your commercial refrigeration equipment can considerably lower operating costs by reducing associated electricity bills. The financial resources saved may be invested elsewhere in the company. In addition, opting for energy-efficient equipment can establish a positive perception in the minds of potential customers hence earning trust and loyalty towards your business. For milk coolers manufactured by Powers Equipment, for products manufactured with energy-efficient technology and all of our products, reliability is guaranteed. Contact us for maintenance tips at any time during the life of your equipment!

Powers Equipment Manufactures Energy-Efficient Milk Coolers!

Powers Equipment is a trusted manufacturer of energy efficient milk coolers. We have been in the business for more than 85 years! Our understanding of the commercial refrigeration industry allows us to create milk coolers for schools, hospitals, and other cafeterias with maximum energy efficiency in mind. Contact us to learn more!