Floral Refrigerators for Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements

Mothers Day flowers

What are the Three Most Important Floral Holidays?

While most major holidays mean a boost in flower sales, florists see a significant influx of orders for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas/Hanukkah. About 31% of Americans give the gift of Mother’s Day flower arrangements and it is estimated that consumers will spend more than ever this year; estimates top $2.6 billion.

What is the Number One Flower for Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements?

The white carnation is said to be the original flower for Mother’s Day, however florists see different types of flowers being ordered for wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and friends depending on what their favorite flower is. The top choice for Mother’s Day flower arrangements is roses, followed by tulips, lilies, and sunflowers. Potted plants like peace lilies and potted flowers like orchids are also gaining popularity for moms that prefer caring for their gift long term.

What Type of Cooler is the Best to Use for Flowers?

Considering the high demand for Mother’s Day flower arrangements this May, ensuring the environment floral arrangements are stored in keeps consistent temperature and humidity levels is imperative. Powers Equipment specializes in floral coolers specifically designed for storage and display of fresh Mother’s Day flower arrangements. These environmentally-friendly coolers come with both essential and convenience accessories.

  • High-accuracy thermometers to keep the cooler within the proper range for maximum shelf life
  • Adjustable glass or wire shelving to accommodate different sized arrangements
  • LED lighting and mirrored ends for maximum visibility of the vibrant floral arrangements
  • Self closing sliding or swinging doors with heated tracks and magnetic gaskets for positive door seals to preserve ideal floral conditions
  • Custom legs and lockable castors for easy display movement when needed

Flowers for Mother's Day

How Long Can a Florist Keep Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements in the Fridge?

While there are different requirements for different types of flowers to lengthen their fridge life, roses can remain in their prime display for up to ten days, but only with the proper care and floral cooler environment. As the most popular Mother’s Day flower in arrangements, roses remain vibrant and beautiful when the arrangements are placed in water three quarters of the height of the stem and the water is changed every other day. They also require a floral cooler to keep 90 – 95% humidity and a temperature between 33 – 35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Floral Coolers: The Right Conditions to Preserve Mother’s Day Flower Arrangements

Powers Equipment’s floral coolers use the latest technology and engineering to provide optimal storage for fresh flowers and Mother’s Day flower arrangements. Florists looking to stock up ahead of time on popular flower choices for and maximize Mother’s Day sales should consider a reliable floral cooler that provides ideal flower storage conditions. Powers Equipment floral coolers have automatic temperature control, evaporation system, and condensate evaporators with a top mounted condensing unit. While preserving these conditions, these floral coolers are environmentally friendly units that come standard with R290 refrigerant.

Powers Equipment has floral refrigerators for Mother’s Day flowers and beyond!

A Powers Equipment floral refrigerator is the preferred choice for florists looking to keep their Mother’s Day flower arrangements fresher longer. These floral refrigerators made from the highest grade materials and sophisticated machinery are perfect for storing flowers for florists shops, grocery stores, convenience stores, shopping centers or boutiques to easily display arrangements and increase sales. Call us at 1-800-673-7868 or use the Contact Us form and prepare your business for the biggest Mother’s Day yet!