Floral Refrigerators Create Great Merchandising for Valentine’s Day!

Roses for Valentine's Day

Is Valentine’s Day the Biggest Holiday of the Year for Florists?

When we think of love and romance, one of the most popular visions that comes to mind is a bouquet of a dozen red roses. As a result, it is no surprise that one of the biggest holidays of the year for buying flowers is Valentine’s Day. It is estimated that Valentine’s Day makes up 30% of all holiday transactions for florists, and that in 2022, 22% of Americans purchased fresh flowers as Valentine’s Day gifts. With Valentine’s Day being such a busy time of the year for florists, it’s a good idea to start preparing your floral refrigerators now. Below are our recommendations on how to create a successful Valentine’s Day season.

What Floral Products Sell the Most on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is synonymous with the color red, so it is no surprise that many of the most popular products in floral refrigerators on Valentine’s Day feature bright red colors. Below are some of our favorite options to sell during the Valentine’s Day season.

  • Roses: It’s estimated that over 250 million roses are produced every year for Valentine’s Day, and they make up as much as 83% of all floral purchases on Valentine’s Day. Red roses are the most popular choice, but pink, white, purple, and even orange roses are popular alternative options.
  • Tulips: Like roses, tulips can come in beautiful shades of red that perfectly fit the Valentine’s Day theme, but are much more affordable than roses. They also last much longer and can be a reminder of your love for many days after the holiday.
  • Lilies: Another flower that is the favorite choice of many individuals, lilies come in beautiful shades of white and pink that can be great accents to other red blooms. They are also one of the most fragrant flowers and will leave a lovely scent in the room where they are displayed.
  • Carnations: Perhaps the second most popular Valentine’s Day blossom, carnations are another affordable yet fun alternative to the classic rose.
  • Alstroemeria: They’re delicate but beautiful flowers that complement any bouquet and can also last for an extended period of time. There are multiple blooms per stem that can really make a bouquet look full and luxurious.

Valentine's Day flowers

How to Keep Flowers Fresh for Optimal Valentine’s Day Sales

The best way to keep flowers fresh for Valentine’s Day is to keep them in a floral refrigerator. Flowers can last much longer when they are kept in coolers set between 33 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Using a floral cooler will help maintain those temperatures until flowers are purchased by a customer. In addition to storing flowers at optimal temperatures and humidity, you can ensure that your flowers stay fresh by making sure they have access to clean water and plant food.

Tips for Valentine’s Day Floral Merchandising

When it comes to merchandising in floral refrigerators, there are few tips and tricks that you can employ to boost your sales:

  • Promote themes and cross merchandise: Incorporating hearts, candies, red ribbons, or even teddy bears into flower arrangements can not only remind individuals that the holiday is quickly approaching and that a purchase should be made, but also entice customers to buy products that feature the holiday spirit.
  • Feature various sizes and colors in displays: While red flowers and roses are popular choices for Valentine’s Day, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus displaying a wider variety of options can draw in customers who are looking for another option, or an option that fits better with their budget.
  • Incorporate non holiday trends: Buyers are interested in other selling points, such as organically grown products, sustainable products, or products made by small business owners. Advertising products highlighting these merchandising trends can also boost your sales.

What Commercial Refrigerator Accessories are best for Valentine’s Day Merchandising?

Floral refrigerators are of course designed to help preserve flowers. But using the right accessories can also help merchandise your products and increase your sales. Glass doors and shelving make it easier for customers to view the products inside the floral refrigerator clearly. Interior lighting will help illuminate the bouquets and bring out the colors of your flowers and make them even more eye-catching. Another great option is removable and customizable shelving that allows you to create bouquets of various shapes and sizes without them becoming too crowded. This allows each bouquet to have its own spotlight and increase its chances of going home with a customer.

Powers Equipment has floral refrigerators for Valentine’s Day and beyond!

Powers equipment knows just how busy Valentine’s Day can be, and our floral refrigerators are designed to help make this time of year go as smoothly as possible for florists. While our floral coolers are great for Valentine’s Day, they are truly helpful for any holiday in which flowers are a popular gift. The versatility of our floral refrigerators means that they can not only help you get through Valentine’s Day, but also other busy holidays like Christmas and Mother’s Day. To learn more about how we can customize the perfect flower cooler for you and your floral shop, contact us today.