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Why Maintaining Commercial Refrigerator Efficiency Matters for Your Business

Most commercial refrigerators and freezers are kept on all the time and can use about 17,000 kW of electricity per hour, making them the culprit for expensive electricity bills. Regular commercial refrigerator maintenance can significantly reduce energy usage, saving on monthly utility costs. Commercial refrigerator efficiency is vital for not only lowering electric costs, but protecting the products being stored. Learn how relatively minimal efforts can help businesses protect their investments and increase profits!

The Hidden Costs Of Inefficient Cooling

Commercial refrigerator efficiency is directly correlated with your investment in it. Inefficient cooling systems not only use more electricity, but they may not be working at their intended capacity. A refrigerator that must work harder to keep a specific temperature may struggle to keep temperatures consistent and jeopardize the quality of the products it holds. This extra effort will force you to replace parts sooner, require commercial refrigerator maintenance more frequently, and vastly reduce the life of the unit itself. There is also the cost of unnecessary extra energy usage poses on the environment.

Environmental Impact And Responsible Refrigeration

Efficient refrigeration has the potential to lower greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants that cause climate change. The engineering standards for high commercial refrigerator efficiency thankfully no longer use harmful refrigerants or CFCs that used to negatively impact the environment. Choosing commercial refrigerators that use hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) or hydrofluoro-olefins (HFO) refrigerants will create minimal environmental impact with zero ozone depletion potential. Energy efficient refrigerators from Powers Equipment keep contents at a consistent temperature and preserve the environment we live in.

Optimizing Your Commercial Refrigerator for Peak Performance

There are some simple things you can do to maximize your commercial refrigerator efficiency. First, keep your refrigerator out of direct sunlight and consider adding night curtains for open case displays.

Regular cleaning of the components will vastly increase the life of each component and the whole unit. Clean the inside and dry any moisture buildup as soon as a spill is detected. The evaporator coil should also be wiped clean as needed and kept clear of any blockages so that it can absorb heat and warm air. In order for these clean evaporator coils to work properly, you should always prioritize proper air circulation for commercial refrigerator efficiency and give the unit plenty of space around it. Keep an eye on any drain pans and clean them and the tubing every month to prevent buildup that can defrost or freeze the cooling system. Other commercial refrigerator maintenance procedures can be scheduled. Every 3 to 4 months, you should clean the condenser coils of dust and dirt to prevent overheating and operation failure.

While not a component of the cooling mechanisms, regularly inspecting and cleaning the door gaskets is important for your commercial refrigerator maintenance. Keep the seals clear of debris and replace any cracked or ripped gaskets to prevent the cold air from escaping and forcing the refrigerator to work twice as hard to maintain temperatures.

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Upgrading Your Commercial Refrigerator Efficiency

  • Investing in Energy Efficient models: Energy efficient commercial refrigerators are Energy Star certified and use 25 percent less energy than standard models. This certification means the refrigerator uses anti-sweat heaters, condenser fan motors, and high efficiency compressors. And remember,regular commercial refrigerator maintenance will also help these features boost your energy efficiency.
  • LED lighting and variable speed fans: Upgrading all lights to LED means your refrigerator lighting won’t give off as much heat, they will last longer and they use less electricity to illuminate the contents so visual inspections of your products are easier to monitor for quality control. Commercial refrigerator efficiency also relies on using well maintained variable speed fans that run only when necessary to maintain the desired temperatures.
  • Accessories: Smart thermostats & door alarms: Commercial refrigerator efficiency relies on keeping the interior temperatures consistent. A programmable or smart thermostat automatically decreases the cooling fans when it detects the interior has reached its desired temperature or engages the cooling fans when the temperature begins to rise. Refrigerators will have difficulties keeping temperatures consistent if the doors are being opened and not closed. Even with features like self closing doors and magnetic gaskets, features like door alarms actively help users keep the doors closed.
  • Remote Monitoring: Commercial refrigerator maintenance doesn’t always have to rely on a set schedule. Being able to monitor the temperatures remotely or using a data logger will alert you when the refrigerator is not able to keep temperatures consistent. Your immediate attention may prevent the complete unit replacement when all that was needed was fixing or cleaning a part.

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Purchasing and maintaining an efficient commercial refrigerator begins with a trusted manufacturer like Powers Equipment. We specialize in energy efficient refrigeration products providing superior commercial refrigerator maintenance resources. Contact us for personalized customer service to maximize your commercial refrigerator efficiency today!