Full-Length, Gliding Door Beverage Display Coolers

Now with 20% More Space and No Increase in Actual Size

With the ability to hold more beverages without taking up more limited floor space in a store, these beverage display coolers offer greater value than other display coolers on the market. These full-length gliding door beverage display coolers provide 20% more display space without increasing the coolers’ dimensions. The coolers’ dimensions range from 49 cubic feet for holding smaller sized bottles and containers, such as water, soda, and teas, to 97 cubic feet for larger containers like milk cartons and jugs. They are available in four body sizes with 10 to 20 shelves and two sizes of full-length sliding doors, offering top to bottom display.

The sizes of these beverage display coolers make them ideal for the narrow aisles of convenience stores or other spaces with close quarters. See below for a complete list of specifications for all four sizes.

Condensing units can be remotely placed in a basement, back room, or outside to eliminate noise and heat from the store. The cooler can be supplied with a remote condensing unit, or it can be purchased locally.

Powers’ Beverage Display Coolers Feature :

The beverage display coolers we offer provide all the standard features businesses need in their display coolers. These are:

  • Condensing units supplied with quick connects and an attractive cover.
  • Automatic condensate evaporator standard on top-mounted model.
  • All remotes equipped with expansion valves — specify refrigerant type when ordering.
  • Black anodized aluminum double pane glass self-closing doors.
  • Heated door jambs and tracks.
  • Rigid all-welded exterior.
  • Switch-controlled vertical fluorescent lamps.
  • Adjustable coated wire shelving.
  • Stainless steel floors.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants.
  • Low E and argon-filled double panel glass doors.

View our slideshow to see the different models of full-length, sliding door beverage display coolers, that we offer! Specifications for all models are below for your convenience.

Custom Beverage Display Coolers is Available

Sometimes businesses have very specific and unique needs that the stock models don’t accommodate. For this reason, Powers Equipment provides customization work for beverage display coolers. We can build a custom cooler with the custom features you require.

Some of the custom features we can provide you are:

  • Custom color or woodgrain vinyl
  • A more accurate temperature control system
  • Switch-controlled florescent or LED lamps
  • Larger evaporator coils
  • Door locks
  • Solid doors and pass through doors
  • Heated swinging doors
  • Double paned glass for the side and rear
  • Mirrored end and rear panels

For every custom cooler we build, Powers Equipment ensures that quality is not lost. Your cooler will meet the same high standards as our stock models to guarantee that your products are maintained at the precise temperature you need without wasting energy.

If you have any questions about our customization work or the stock models we carry, please contact us to discuss your needs. You can call us at 1-800-673-7868, or email us at [email protected] to request a quote.