Sliding Door Floral Display Refrigerator

Sliding Door Floral Display Refrigerator


A sliding door floral display refrigerator is a perfect fit for tight spaces for displaying beautiful flower arrangements. It is a more budget-friendly option than swinging door models.

Commercial Flower Refrigerators: Sliding Door Floral Refrigerators Product Specifications

Width 52″ 70″ 77″
Depth 32″ 32″ 32″
Height 74 1/2″ 74 1/2″ 74 1/2″
Shipping weight 521# 667# 720#
Interior Volume (cu. ft.) 41 54 59
Display Doors 2 2 3
Shelves 3 3 4
Compressor HP 1/3 1/2 1/2
Voltage 115 115 115
Fluorescent Lights 2 2 4
Door Size 23″ × 55″ 32″ × 55″ 23″ × 55″
View Spec Sheet FS52GDHC FS70GDHC FS77GDHC

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Sliding Glass Door Floral Refrigerators Provide More Visual Sales at Minimal Cost

This is the refrigerator to consider on a budget or if your location is in tight quarters. These sliding door commercial flower refrigerators fit into tight spaces where there isn’t enough aisle space for doors to swing open. A Powers Equipment gliding door floral refrigerator is priced lower than swinging door models for added value. Gliding door refrigerators are low maintenance and ready to go upon delivery.

Sliding Door Floral Refrigerator Features:

  • Large 30″ x 67″ full-length doors increase your display area by 20%
  • Top-mounted or remote condensing units are shipped loose, with “quick-­connects” for easy passage through doorways
  • Wire shelves are standard; glass shelves are available as an option
  • Body Sizes: 52″, 70″ and 77″
  • Very high humidity refrigeration systems with excellent air distribution
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants with low E
  • Argon-filled double panel glass doors
  • Added side windows to see flowers from every angle
  • Top-to-Bottom Glass

Additional features you will find in our full-length floral refrigerators that aid in lengthening the shelf life of your flowers are:

Sliding Glass Door Floral Refrigerator

• Automatic condensate evaporators

• Louvered motor covers

• LED Switch controlled vertical lamp

• Balanced refrigeration system

If you need more space for inventory and want a beautiful display with a variety of arrangements in your commercial flower refrigerator, the gliding full-length door is a fabulous choice. Enjoy the same space-saving convenience of not having doors swing open while displaying even more of what your customers desire. These models come with optional side windows and a bouquet rack for a light-friendly look. Watch your colors pop as sales increase in high traffic areas where flowers are sold. You want glass refrigerators that really showcase your arrangements and keeps them at the perfect temperature for optimum storage. We have years in the floral refrigerator business and can meet these needs with our products.

Commercial Flower Refrigerators: Affordable Sliding Door Floral Refrigerators

Our custom-built commercial flower refrigerators are available in a variety of sizes to fit your individual needs, whether you require single-spot display case or a display refrigerator measuring fourteen-feet wide, and since our flower refrigerators are built specifically for flowers, the temperature runs at an optimal 38-42°F and relative humidity of 80-90%. Moreover, our flower refrigerators are available with a variety of options to fit any merchandising need.

Two women looking at the flowers at Floral Refrigerator

Sliding Door Floral Refrigerators Saves Space & Money

As a hard-working, dedicated professional you know that customers don’t want to buy flowers that look like they’re already beginning to wilt at the store; they want fresh flowers that will last for at least a few days. We kept this in mind – along with our space-saving, sliding door design for smaller stores – so that we could provide customers like you with money-saving floral refrigerators. Purchasing a Powers Equipment commercial flower refrigerator means that less of your time spent creating floral arrangements and bouquets will go to waste.

Gliding/Sliding door floral display refrigerators can help you save space and money. Gliding door models fit into tight spaces where there isn’t enough aisle space for doors on other types of floral refrigerators to swing open. A Powers gliding door floral refrigerator is priced lower than swinging door models for added value. When you receive your commercial flower refrigerator, which we can customize to suit your individual needs, all you have to do is plug it in.

Powers Equipment commercial flower refrigerators are guaranteed to help your elegant floral arrangements and beautiful bouquets maintain that fresh-from-the-garden look. We’ve accomplished this by using the latest technologies to create the ideal environment for crisp petals and sturdy stems.

Our commercial flower refrigerator features black anodized aluminum double pane glass. The doors on every flower refrigerator are self-closing and have heated PVC door jambs and tracks. Our floral display refrigerators come with stainless steel floors, adjustable coated wire shelving, and powder-coated exterior finishes.

Top-Mount Floral Refrigerator

Our top-mounted refrigeration system for your custom finished arrangements are specifically designed to provide full-length storage.

Display the Flowers Beautifully With Powers Equipment’s Commercial Flower Refrigerators

Girl looks at the flower shop window with different varieties of roses.

Our custom commercial flower refrigerators will attract your customers and bring them into your flower shop. Your colorful, eye-catching, fresh roses and flowers will draw the customers straight towards your arrangements, gift creations and custom bouquets.

Powers Equipment’s custom styled commercial flower refrigerators with interior lights makes the flowers and their colors look more radiant and attractive. This attention-getting technique actually creates more sales of your exotic blossoms. These kinds of lighted display floral refrigerators are best for crowded areas like shops, supermarkets, hospitals, and any place where flowers are sold.

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