Sliding Door Beverage Display Refrigerators

Gliding Glass Door Beverage Refrigerators offer maximum visual selling at a reasonable cost

These efficient, high-capacity gliding glass door beverage refrigerators provide fast cooling in hot weather. Our heavy duty gliding glass door beverage refrigerator model has a larger compressor for quick cooling of warm beverages, great for high volume locations.

  • Self-contained — ready to plugin
  • Powder-coat exterior finish
  • Black anodized aluminum double pane glass self-closing doors
  • Heated PVC door jambs and tracks
  • Hot gas condensate evaporator
  • Switch controlled vertical LED lamps
  • Adjustable coated wire shelving
  • Balanced refrigeration systems
  • Louvered motor covers
  • Stainless steel floors
  • Can be customized to suit individual needs
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants
  • Low E and argon-filled double panel glass doors

Powers Equipment offers sliding glass door beverage refrigerators with high-capacity refrigeration systems that provide super fast cooling even in hot weather. That also means they’re perfect for locations with a high-volume where the doors are being opened constantly, and they get newly added beverages cold faster, so you’ll always have the coldest beverages in town.

Packed with features, our glass door beverage refrigerators come completely self contained, so you just plug them in and you’re ready to go. The vertical fluorescent lamps are switch-controlled separately and adjustable coated wire shelving allows easy and safe loading and product removal. Our Low E and argon-filled double panel glass doors are self-closing, preventing cold air from escaping due to a door being accidentally left open. Should an accident occur, the bottom pans are stainless steel and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Sliding Door Beverage Refrigerators

Sliding-Door Beverage/Bar Refrigerators can be ordered as 2-door or 3-door models. While these sliding doors automatically close, they can be propped open to facilitate stocking and arranging the merchandise.

Powers Equipment’s sliding door beverage refrigerators have:

  • Glass Sliding Doors
  • Reach-in refrigerator for excellent visual displays of merchandise  
  • Twelve adjustable vinyl coated wire shelves
  • Stainless steel front 
  • Vinyl coated aluminum interior for clean look and durability
  • Base is galvanized steel
  • All models are Certified by a third party NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) to meet NSF/ANSI Standard #7
  • Select models available in 230V
  • Electrical Supply – 120 VAC/60HZ/1 Ph or 230 VAC/50HZ/1 Ph – Hard Wired
  • Bright fluorescent white or blue LED interior lights

Important Notice: It usually it takes around 2-3 weeks to build and ship this item.

Safe and Reliable: 

Our beverage refrigerators are certified to NSF7 standards by an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) to be approved for food storage and storage of bottled or canned beverages. This ensures public health protection and that the products and facilities are regularly inspected and re-tested. These refrigerators are also certified by the third party NRTL as meeting UL/CSA standards for the US and Canada to ensure your safety.

Energy Efficient: 

Our refrigerators are equipped with long-lasting LED interior lighting and energy-efficient cooling systems, thermal insulation and interior fans to effectively circulate cool air.

Product Specifications

Width 52″ 70″ 77″
Depth 31″ 31″ 31″
Height 74½” 74½” 74½”
Volume/cu. ft. 41 54 59
Doors 2 2 3
Door Size 23″ × 55″ 32″ × 55″ 23″ × 55″
Shelves 8 8 12
Unit HP req’d ½ ½ ½
Voltage 115 115 115
Amps 10.5 10.5 10.5
Lights 2 2 4
Shipping weight 560# 700# 780#
Quarts 596 844 894
½ Gallons 344 488 516
Gallons 148 214 222
6 pack cans 200 300 300
6 pack bottles 132 180 198
View Spec Sheet BS52GDHC BS70GDHC BS77GDHC

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Sliding Door Beverage Display Refrigerators

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