Convenience, accessibility, capacity, versatility, energy efficiency, precise cooling and durability are just a few of the more important aspects to be considered when it comes to the ideal beverage refrigerator for your business. What follows is a fairly comprehensive look at commercial beverage refrigerators in terms of style, use, features, and placement.

 Up-right Sliding Glass, Swinging Door Beverage Refrigerators

From supermarkets, grocery stores, bars, and restaurants to bodegas, gas stations, and convenience stores, the up-right glass door beverage refrigerator is a ubiquitous sight as a major point-of-sale display center and sales generator. On average these units are around 75 inches tall and range from around 54 inches to as much as 172 inches wide with a general standardized depth of around 31 inches.

Capacity, glass door type (sliding, swinging) can vary as well as condenser unit size and placement. While the majority of these units are constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel exterior, they can be powder-coated or have a metal exterior that provides a faux wood veneer look. Designed for precise cooling, these units can have a variety of features and technologies geared to access, clean look, lighting, shelving, and energy efficiency.

Counter and Bar Counter Fridge Display

Most counter and bar counter beverage refrigerators provide the same construction materials and features as their larger floor model counterparts in a compact size that is ideal for fitting on countertops and on checkout aisle display racks for easy point-of-purchase access. These are perfect for stores with room space concerns and for stimulating impulse shopping. Perhaps these types will include a reversible door, flexible shelving, and thermostat among other features that are available in the larger models.

They can range in size from 54 inches to nearly 140 inches wide with an often standardized height of around 44 inches and a depth of around 30 inches. Many appear in either hinged or sliding doors and are usually of a horizontal rectangular design as opposed to the vertical upright rectangular configuration of its larger counterpart.

Under-counter Glass Door

These units are generally a smaller version of the much larger upright units with the benefit of being small enough to fit under counters at point of purchase in bars, restaurants, convenience stores as well as at the end of the checkout aisle in supermarkets. Just as with their counterparts, the materials and construction choices are the same. They also come with hinged or sliding glass doors in one, two, or three-door types. These space-saving units are also ideal for impulse buys and featuring a specific beverage. Their versatility allows them to be essentially built-in” or freestanding under counters where space is at a premium. They are usually rectangular and sit in the horizontal position like the larger counterparts.

While all of these different beverage refrigerators share a number of important features, they can often be customized and/or ordered with additional specialized features that increase their usability in different settings. This is why making the right choice for your business requires an evaluation of need, space, customer base and budget in order to serve both staff and customers in the best way possible.

In order to provide the highest level of quality while also meeting the needs of a wide variety of business types and needs, Powers Equipment offers a broad range of Beverage Refrigerators that can meet each business’s needs and budget. You can find more info about our Beverage refrigerators here.

3 Tips for Choosing a Beverage Refrigerator

If you sell cold beverages and need a new cooler – or if you’re just opening a business that will sell cold drinks – here are some tips for choosing a beverage refrigerator.

When it’s time to replace a drink cooler or purchase a new one, there are three things a business owner should look at. Powers Equipment Company would like to share three tips in making this investment that will help you find the best product for your needs.

Tip #1: Get the right size

There may be space issues in your facility, so obviously you want to look at a beverage refrigerator that is appropriate in size. Consider also the style of doors – sliding or swinging door coolers. In a cramped convenience store, for example, swinging doors may create a hindrance to customers.

If space isn’t a huge issue, you still need to have a large enough cooler to meet projected sales. If it’s too small, employees will have to spend time constantly re-stocking. If it’s too large, you’ll be wasting money on cooling that you simply don’t need.

Tip #2: Buy quality

A beverage refrigerator is an investment, and for that investment to bring you a positive return, it has to be a quality machine. The last thing a business owner needs is to have a cooler that’s always breaking down or one whose temperature fluctuates due to an inefficient cooling mechanism.

At Powers Equipment, we handle a full line of top-quality coolers from well-known manufacturers. We can help you make a selection of any style cooler from among the most dependable and durable units on the market.

Tip #3: Buy from a reputable dealer

One thing that has set us apart from others in the refrigeration equipment industry is our across-the-board integrity in dealing with every one of our customers. We stand behind the products we sell and back them up with warranties that are among the strongest you’ll find anywhere.

We understand how important it is that your beverage cooler to perform at its peak. If it’s not doing that, we’ll find out why and solve the problem quickly. We take pride in making sure that our customers get what they pay for and are completely satisfied with their purchases and with the service they receive from us.

If you’re shopping for a new beverage refrigerator, call Powers Equipment first. We’ll be happy to help you determine the right size, make and model for your establishment and provide you with a very fast turnaround on all orders.

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