If you’re new to the flower sales business, you need to take care with every equipment investment you make. If you’ve been in business for years, you know how important it is to purchase the specific type of equipment you need to run your business as profitably as possible.

When buying a floral refrigerator, your number one goal is to buy from a company with a solid reputation for quality and service. Powers Equipment has built this reputation since 1935 by crafting commercial floral refrigerators that are dependable and well-made.

The cooler(s) you buy for your facility must be designed for flowers. Don’t let a salesman tell you any cooler will do, because this is not correct. Your refrigerator must maintain an optimal temperature of 38 to 42 degrees F, or the flowers inside it will be damaged.

In order for your flowers to last long and hold their beauty, the relative humidity in the cooler’s interior must be maintained at between 80 and 90 percent. Powers Equipment coolers provide the right temperature and consistent humidity levels for the best-looking flowers.

Another thing to consider is size – and not just in terms of available space, but also in terms of how much product you expect to keep in the cooler. Flowers inside a refrigerator need room to “breathe,” meaning you don’t want to cram them in there like you would meat inside a freezer. Make sure you purchase a large enough cooler to give the flowers some space.

Conversely, there’s no need to have a huge cooler when you only need one that’s half the size. The professionals at Powers Equipment can guide you to the most appropriate and economical floral refrigerator for your specific needs.

If you have questions or want more advice on selecting the best refrigeration equipment for your flowers, just contact one of our friendly staff at 1-800-673-7868 , or send us an e-mail here.