The Best Beverage Coolers for Convenience Stores Selling Beer and Wine


With bars still closed due to the pandemic, alcohol sales have skyrocketed in the US. Stores need to keep up with this demand by providing consumers with beer or wine in higher quantities. Powers Equipment provides top of the line commercial beverage coolers to store and display beer and wine inventory.

Are Consumers Drinking more Alcohol in the Wake of the Pandemic?

Coronavirus has changed the consumer environment with bars and restaurants shut down or with reduced capacity. Furthermore, most people have altered work schedules or are now exclusively working from home. This can be isolating and stressful for some and encourage others to have that extra glass of wine while they cook dinner. The overall result is an increase in alcohol purchases. In March alcohol sales rose by a staggering 55% and although this may be due to stockpiling, spread over the first three months of stay at home orders there was a 27% increase in alcohol purchases. Red wine in particular soared with an increase of 35%. With the pandemic still wreaking havoc in the US, the possibility of more shutdowns and increased stay at home orders looms ever closer and we may start seeing stockpiling behaviors again.

What Features Should a Commercial Beer Beverage Refrigerator have?

Beer beverage refrigerators are typically glass door merchandisers, walk-in coolers, back bar coolers, draft beer systems, or bottle chillers. The most common in convenience stores is obviously the glass door merchandiser. You can choose the number of shelves or sections as well as if the doors slide or swing open. The total size capacity of a large cooler should fit at least 120 cans. A smaller size cooler usually holds at least 60 cans. Usually, these beverage coolers for beer have a white interior and a light that illuminates the products. The construction should be of high quality with double paneling to be energy efficient and use stainless steel to avoid rusting. Beverage coolers for beer should have an accurate thermostat and shouldn’t be too loud.

What Features Should a Commercial Wine Beverage Cooler Offer?

Champagne Bottles Ice

Wine now frequently comes in both cans and bottles. Obviously, cans are smaller and can be easily stored in commercial beer beverage coolers as long as the cooler has dual temperature capabilities. Bottles on the other hand are bulky and require a different shape and capacity of cooler. Common commercial wine beverage refrigerator types include back bar coolers and commercial wine coolers. Commercial wine coolers are the more common choice for commercial spaces because they have a larger capacity. Beverage coolers for wine should have dual temperature capabilities because of the wide variety of optimal temperatures wines should be stored at. Large commercial wine coolers can store up to 200 bottles.

Can you Sell Wine and Beer in the Same Beverage Refrigerator?

Wine and beer should preferably be stored at different temperatures due to their varied alcohol content. White wine should be stored at 50-53.6 degrees Fahrenheit and beer should be stored at 44.6 to 50 degrees Celsius. The good thing about Powers Equipment beverage coolers can be dual temperature or even custom built with components and technology to keep an unlimited variety of beverages at their ideal temperature. With a Powers Equipment beverage cooler, you have a beverage cooler for beer, a beverage cooler for wine, and a beverage cooler for soda, milk, juice, or water.

Why choose Powers Equipment Beverage Coolers?

Every business is different both in what beverages they offer and the physical space they have to sell them. For this reason, every business needs a beverage refrigerator to meet their unique needs. Powers Equipment has been focussed on providing commercial beverage coolers for beer and wine to fit the exact needs of commercial businesses according to their inventory, size, and location from small self serve machines to back-of-house walk-in coolers. Not only does Powers Equipment carry a wide variety of beverage coolers for wine and beverage coolers for beer, but they also offer custom cooler options. Powers Equipment offers the most technologically advanced coolers all at an affordable price and with a reliable warranty.

We Selected our Best Commercial Beverage Coolers