Secrets to Creating Effective Refrigerated Beverage Displays

Beverage Display Refrigerated

It sounds obvious, but the way you display merchandise can enhance your refrigerated beverage display case marketing and ultimately increase sales. The surprising aspect is that many stores don’t take advantage of the high-profile beverage display case advertising possibilities. In this article, we provide you with some tips and strategies to improve the effectiveness of your refrigerated beverage displays.

Understand the Path of the Customer for Optimal Display Case Positioning

When your customer first enters your retail business, their eyes are typically going to land on a specific part of the store. Combined with the added foot traffic near the entrance, you can get a pretty good sense of what parts of the store your customers are being drawn toward. These can be the best places to set up promotions and impulse beverage displays, as customers are more likely to “impulsively” put an item in their cart if it is in a high traffic area. Using and consulting floor maps of advertising space can help identify the highest traffic locations in your store. A really good example can be found at any Bed Bath and Beyond store as you approach the cashier area.

Take advantage of Eye-Level Shelving

Retail environments often focus on displaying as much back-stock on the sales floor as possible. However, this crowding of products can seriously detract from the effectiveness of your refrigerated beverage display. Focus on shelves that are at least at the customer’s eye level, as these are the products that will sell. Putting your best-selling items on these shelves will increase sales. Ensure there is enough spacing between products to allow your customers to easily differentiate between products in the beverage display, as overcrowded displays convey a disorganized store to the customer. You can also attempt to block products based on color- this is typically very visually appealing to customers.

The Importance of Lighting

Lighting can have a dramatic effect on both the visual quality of your beverage display, as well as the foot traffic it generates. Your lighting in and around your beverage display should adequately illuminate the products without blinding the customer. Aggressive lighting techniques and a lack of lighting can both equally deter customers from perusing your beverage display.

Make Brand Colors Pop

Building on the previous theme of creating visually pleasing displays, it’s also important to include graphics and personal branding for your refrigerated beverage display. This can add a layer of professionalism to your display, as well as giving your customers the impression that your brand may be of higher value than your competitors. In combination with appropriate lighting, your beverage display should ‘pop’ and be noticeable to customers upon entering the store.

Choose the Right Refrigerated Beverage Display Case for your Products

As technology improves, so does the equipment available to retail environments for displays, including beverage displays. For example, many new displays often incorporate interactive displays, colorful visuals, and, in some cases, even games. Although these tend to be more expensive than their older counterparts, the novelty factor of these displays can encourage additional foot traffic, and by extension, more sales. It’s important to factor in your sales, backstock storage limit, and what types of products you will carry in your beverage display, as the size and refrigeration type can vary greatly.

Don’t Forget the Exterior of the Display Case

Customers are exposed to countless advertisements, signs, and posters during their shopping trips. For your display to be successful, it is important that you attempt to stand out from your competitors in that sense. Stay away from using cheap, common lettering and signs when advertising your refrigerated beverage display. Try and use bold lettering and tasteful designs, avoid “loud” combinations of colors and fonts that may discourage customer interaction. Also, determine how far away your customers can read the marketing on your refrigerated beverage display. A good rule of thumb is that customers should be able to identify what it is from roughly 10 feet away.

In addition to each of these tips, don’t forget to occasionally change up your displays. Customers often get bored with seeing the same displays and the same products week after week. This is not to say that you should change up your whole stock of beverages in your display. Instead, identify which products are not selling with customers, and consider replacing it with another product. You can even discuss with your customers and staff which items they would like to see, or what is most popular in the area. Additionally, holidays can be a great time to change both your stock and marketing. Stocking your refrigerated beverage display with some holiday-themed drinks will surely increase foot traffic and sales from your display. Furthermore, refrigerated beverage displays coupled with neck sleeves, bottle bags, and other gift-wrapping items can be especially successful during the holiday months. This also can convey that you, as a retailer, are diligent in ensuring that season-appropriate products are in the store and properly advertised.

With these tips and tricks, your refrigerated beverage displays are sure to be a hit in your store.

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