Refrigeration Equipment for Fall Floral Arrangements

Fall floral arrangements

Although the summer months have come to an end, the busy season for floral arrangements is continuing to bloom. Whether it’s for weddings or the upcoming holidays, fall is a very busy time of year for florists creating fall flower arrangements. Powers Equipment has the refrigeration equipment florists need to preserve all fall floral arrangements and keep them looking their best!

What Are The Busiest Holidays For Fall Floral Arrangements?

It’s no secret that Valentine’s Day takes the win for the busiest holiday for floral arrangements. However, the busiest holiday for floral arrangements for the fall season is Thanksgiving. Although this might be surprising to some, Thanksgiving is responsible for 8% of all holiday flower sales. As the weather begins to cool down, many florists can expect customers interested in adorning their homes with fall floral arrangements to complement their fall and Thanksgiving decor.

Weddings Drive Demand For Fall Floral Arrangements In The Floral Industry

While some customers shop for floral arrangements to pepper their home with a touch of fall, other customers are looking for the ultimate display for their fall wedding. With summer and fall considered popular seasons for couples to get married, it’s best to be prepared for the influx of orders that will take place these next few months. According to a recent study by The Knot, which surveyed nearly 12,000 couples that married in 2022, 43% of weddings took place between September and November. The month of October was the most popular and generated 20% of weddings. With that, florists can expect an abundance of orders within the coming months that will result in the best fall floral arrangements.

What Types Of Flowers Are Used In Fall Floral Arrangements?

Bringing the beauty of autumn into your home is an easy task when selecting the right flowers. These florals can fill your home with fiery hues like red, burnt orange and golden yellow that will effectively provide that fall ambiance you’ve been longing for. These warm colors can be featured in fall bouquets that include sunflowers, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, daisies, and orchids. Specifically for Thanksgiving, orange roses, yellow lilies and burgundy mums are great choices to add to your holiday arrangement. They offer rich and beautiful colors and capture the holiday spirit. Regardless of the event you’re planning, these flowers will deliver the fall floral arrangement you’ve been waiting for.

What Is The Best Environment For Florists To Preserve Fall Floral Arrangements?

The best environment for florists to preserve fall floral arrangements is within a refrigerator that holds a constant temperature at high humidity and low air velocity. Floral coolers specifically designed for flowers will offer temperature settings between 38-42°F and humidity settings between 80-90%. This type of refrigeration will meet the needs of the most delicate flowers and plants and will keep your fall floral arrangements looking fresh and vibrant.

Fall flowers

What Type Of Refrigeration Equipment Is The Best To Use For Fall Floral Arrangements?

It’s best to pick a refrigeration system that will both preserve and display the fall floral arrangements your business offers. Different types of floral coolers include:

  • Sliding door floral display refrigerator
  • Swinging door floral display refrigerator
  • Top-mount refrigerator
  • Custom floral cooler
  • Custom refrigerator manufacturer

However, the coolers that will most effectively showcase your fall floral arrangements are the sliding door floral cooler and the swinging door floral cooler. These coolers will draw attention to your fall bouquets and offer convenient access for your customers to easily reach in and pick a bouquet.

Merchandising Accessories For Fall Floral Arrangements

Your fall floral arrangements wouldn’t be complete without a few complementary touches that further enhance your radiant display. Fitting with the fall theme, extras that you can use for your fall floral arrangements can include items like rustic copper tins, festive pumpkin vases, and harvest baskets. You can also impress your customers by offering other fall arraignments like fresh fall wreaths. These pieces will elevate the autumn ambiance both inside and outside of the home. Don’t forget glass shelving and mirrors in your floral cooler for optimum visibility.

Powers Equipment Has Customized Flower Refrigerators For Fall Floral Arrangements!

Our company has been refining our custom flower refrigerator design and construction methodology for decades. Each flower refrigerator we design, manufacture, and sell is optimized to maintain and extend the ultimate freshness of flowers while fitting into the available space. Contact us to learn how we can customize a flower refrigerator for your business today!