Outdoor Storage Cooler Uses Beyond the Restaurant Industry

Outdoor Cooler - Flowers

Thinking Outside the Kitchen: Exploring Alternative Applications for Outdoor Coolers

Traditionally, outdoor storage coolers were a business requirement for the food and beverage industry. The benefits are obvious: When there is significant storage space for foods at all stages of preparation, ingredients stay fresher, favorites remain stocked, and the cooler supports and assists the operations in both the kitchen and the dining room. The walk-in freezer is a critical tool in organization, inventory preservation, and profitability. Powers Equipment Company manufactures custom outdoor storage coolers and freezers and has been an authority in commercial refrigeration for over 85 years.

What other businesses can benefit from outdoor storage coolers and the Powers’ expertise?

As businesses have evolved and expanded, so has Powers Equipment. Powers remains an industry leader in commercial refrigeration that offers customizable outdoor storage coolers for the food and beverage industries. As this part of their business continues to flourish, Powers is continually expanding their abilities to customize products for different uses, including businesses that have specialized technical, regulatory, and often time-sensitive requirements. Additional applications of Powers Equipment’s commercial refrigeration equipment include:

  • Floral businesses
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Blood banks/centers
  • Cannabis dispensaries
  • Agricultural insect storage

Outdoor Storage Coolers


Outdoor Storage Coolers for the Floral Business

Floral products are generally stored at 33 F to 35 F. Tropical flowers can be stored at even higher temperatures of 50F to 55F. No matter what type, storing flowers at the proper temperatures not only extends shelf life, but helps to keep flowers vibrant, maintaining overall health and appearance. The additional room afforded by an outdoor storage cooler provides ample space for in-store display arrangements, and can help floral businesses prepare for spikes in their business (wedding season, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc) with room for additional inventory. Having additional cold storage enables florists to stockpile inventory without sacrificing the quality of their product. Ultimately, this increases revenues during these periods incrementally. In the floral business, refrigeration is often not only a preservative, but a vital part of the retail environment.

Outdoor Storage Coolers for Pharmaceutical Applications

Vaccine and biological sample storage requires a temperature range of 36F to 46F. Vaccines are obviously essential to good health. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, most pharmacies have become inoculation centers in addition to being distribution centers. Beside the standard vaccines (rubella, measles, chicken pox, tetanus, polio) pharmacies need to stock vaccines for COVID, shingles, the flu and other medications. Powers Equipment has the expertise to customize outdoor storage coolers specifically to address the indiscriminate requirements of all vaccines (including security), maximizing shelf life and efficacy.

Outdoor Storage Coolers for Blood Banks

Blood banks have very rigid guidelines for refrigeration. Blood samples are extremely fragile and must be stored between 33 F and 42 F to maintain their integrity. Further, temperature fluctuations (traffic, opening and closing the door) must be taken into account when storing for the longer term. Outdoor storage coolers used for this purpose must be properly equipped to limit these temperature fluctuations as much as possible. Further, the systems require back up units should the primary power units fail. As with pharmaceuticals, proper refrigeration and storage of blood and its components save lives.

Outdoor Storage - Blood bank

Outdoor Storage Coolers for Medical and Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries

Cannabis requires temperatures of 68 F to 70 F with very low moisture. As of 2024, 38 out of the 50 states have legalized medical marijuana. Of these 38 states, 24 states have additionally approved marijuana for recreational use. Most dispensaries do a voluminous business, though certain cannabis strains and products tend to be trendy and popular for short intervals. An outdoor storage cooler can maintain cannabis products for nearly a year, giving dispensaries the dexterity to maintain fluent inventories with very little waste.

Outdoor Storage Cooler Agricultural Insect Storage

Temperature requirements for agricultural insects range from 50 F to 90 F depending on both the species and the stage of life. Agricultural insects are a vital component of the ecosystem. Among their contributions are pollination, pest control and aiding in the decomposition of organic matter. Successful deployment of the insects improves crop quality and reduces the need for dangerous pesticides. The quality of the products grown utilizing these insects is far superior to those whose growth cycle is laden with chemicals. Use of these insects continues its way into the mainstream of farming. Storing insects in outdoor storage coolers from Powers Equipment is a key component to this eco-friendly approach to farming.

How Outdoor Storage Coolers Can Benefit Your Business

The addition of a custom outdoor storage cooler can transform a business. No matter what type of business, benefits include:

  • Energy savings
  • Maximize retail space
  • Maintain product quality
  • Streamline inventory
  • Safety and Security

Powers Equipment will work with you to create an outdoor storage freezer or cooler that is designed specifically to meet the needs of your business.

Powers Equipment offers customizable outdoor storage coolers and freezers

If Powers Equipment doesn’t have the outdoor walk-in cooler your business requires, we’ll make it! We are in the business of customizing commercial refrigeration equipment for all types of businesses. We’ll be a trusted partner in manufacturing the refrigeration equipment you need to fit the space where you need it. Contact us to see how we can partner with you for outdoor storage coolers and more!