Renovate Your Store Layout with Top-Notch Refrigerated Display Cases

For grocery stores, supermarkets, corner stores, and florists, the goal for the New Year is to increase sales wherever possible. Enticing people to buy is all about proper merchandising, attractive displays, and customer flow patterns. The beginning of a new year is the best time to revamp your store layout with new display cases for your refrigerated products in support of a healthier bottom line.

Make Your New Refrigerated Display Cases Cold, Accessible, and Attractive

For smaller stores and bodegas, beverage sales are a big part of the store’s income, so keeping them cold, accessible, and attractive is the name of the game. A milk cooler near the checkout can be the ideal attractor of impulse buys for everything from milk to juices. Everyone from corner stores to supermarkets understand the need for a convenient glass door beverage refrigerator near checkouts as a way to entice a buyer before leaving the store on a hot summer day.

The placement of these coolers must be an integral part of your overall store design to be effective as sales points as well as in terms of subtly setting up flow patterns in your store. By grouping certain products close to coolers in a revamped layout, store owners can make subtle associations in the mind of the shopper. A perfect example would be placing floral coolers nearest to a wine beverage refrigerator.

Today, almost every type of store sees the light in terms of flower sales as a part of buyer enticement. Supermarket merchandisers are seeing the benefits of moving the once hidden floral departments nearest the entrance.

This has prompted the best display case manufacturers to respond with floral coolers and floral refrigerators that can fit into any environment in order to optimize shopper access and interaction. These floral coolers can now accommodate a much wider variety of flowers and arrangements that take size and exoticism into account. A custom refrigerator can be easily designed and built in order to fit the needs of retailers and their customers.

New Refrigerated Display Cases Better Serve Customers Both Aesthetically and in Their Offerings

While supermarkets and large retailers are moving to larger floral departments with bigger floral coolers, smaller retailers that may have overlooked flowers as a sales booster are investing in smaller cases. With sizes that are ideal for topping checkout display cases and counters, retailers that may have never sold flowers are seeing a new sales avenue that quickly pays for itself.

Competing for shoppers in today’s retail world requires every type of store to constantly reinvent itself to put a new face forward that better serves their customers both aesthetically and in terms of offerings. As retailers embark on a new year, a new layout is a perfect time to incorporate new display cases into the equation as a prime driver of increased sales and subtly directing shoppers through your environment.