Despite the fact that the leading commercial cooler and refrigerator manufacturers (particularly those for the floral industry) provide a diverse line of standard refrigerators, many buyers require custom refrigerators to adequacy meet their needs. Everything from location, size, shape, and capacity to access, humidity, and design feature considerations can play a part in the need for a custom refrigerator. Here are some of the general parameters that indicate that you may need a custom floral refrigerator. Generally, these specialized needs fall into categories such as location or design considerations, which often overlap in terms of the needs.

Regardless of whether flower sales is an adjunct to your primary retail business such as a supermarket, convenience or gift store; or it is your primary focus, retail space is always at a premium. The location of your refrigerator is often dictated by available space, customer and employee access, security, and even noise considerations. All of these parameters can influence the need for custom refrigerators.

Although today’s floral coolers are primarily designed for easy customer access and a self-serve model of business, this is not always ideal for locations where it is difficult to observe and prevent theft. This means that the cooler’s contents must be able to be displayed in a way that makes them highly visible to shoppers while also providing a locking mechanism.

This higher level of visibility may require glass or stepped shelves to increase visibility while also maximizing the use of space. The lock may not always be engaged, but it needs to be integrated so that when it is necessary it is secure, unobtrusive, and easily accessible for employees.

In addition, features like self-closing doors can be important to ensure that humidity levels are properly maintained. This is especially important when the cooler’s location makes it difficult to check up on employees or customers that may not be aware of the need for keeping the case closed when not being accessed.Mobility of the refrigerator or elevation off of the floor may be a necessity based on location, so legs or casters may be necessary. This can be due to the need for rigorous cleaning protocols or areas that regularly see purposeful water infiltration.

Choose the Location of Your Custom Refrigerator Wisely

Location and retail space design considerations often go hand in hand, which can affect the need for custom refrigerators. Either by design or location layout inflexibility, the refrigerator may have to have a pass-through design so that there is access from both sides. You may desire this as part of a store design plan for increased customer access or as a way to make it easier for employees to restock from the back while customer access is left to the front.

With floral coolers being designed for a precise balance of temperature and humidity, it may facilitate the need for double-pane glass. It also may require remote placement of condensing coils.

Location and design considerations may dictate the need for heated doors to eliminate fogging due to the differences between temperatures inside the cooler and outside the cooler. In addition, you may desire a unit with an air curtain rather than doors for easier customer access, which may require a higher than normal humidity refrigeration system based on the unit’s size, capacity and placement.

Don’t Forget to Consider the Design of Your Custom Refrigerator

Aesthetics as they relate to retail store design and cooler location have a definite impact on sales. Placement in high traffic areas may require a solid metal base for extra durability against damage while stainless steel bottoms can affect aesthetics as well as possible corrosion over time-based on the environment.

Powder coating of the exterior for specialized color schemes that fit with an overall design so that the cooler blends in or stands out are not uncommon. Despite the fact that today’s superior refrigerators run very quiet, your environment may require total silence for any number of reasons, which is another reason that a remote condenser (and fan) may be ideal.

It is easy to see how these needs can come into play singularly or in combinations for a significant number of retail locations. These are just some of the more common needs where custom refrigerators are a necessity.

The goal is to not only find a manufacturer that can accommodate these needs, but one that can do so without breaking the bank. Powers Equipment offers a full range of custom refrigerators and custom options to suit your specialized needs, at an affordable price. To find more info about our custom Refrigerators and options click here.