Small to large grocery stores, convenience stores, as well as business and educational cafeterias have made the investment in a milk cooler for easy patron access to cold milk. However, they may be missing out on opportunities to sell seasonal beverages that can be an even greater impulse buy.

Nearly half the year can bring additional sales of seasonal beverages like apple cider in the fall and egg nog in the winter, particularly during the holidays. While some of the inventory can be kept accessible and fresh in a glass door beverage refrigerator, it often doesn’t occur to retailers and cafeterias that their milk cooler can be an ideal way to make these seasonal beverages easily accessible while keeping them cold and fresh.

Keep Seasonal Beverages Optimally Fresh in Your Store

milk cooler

In fact, many retailers and cafeteria settings move the majority of single-serving milk containers to the glass door beverage refrigerator to make room for eggnog and apple cider for display nearest the checkout. Today, there are also a number of limited-edition options that expand on the theme of traditional eggnogg such as seasonal cold coffee drinks like Peppermint Mocha and Pumpkin Spice Latte from manufacturers such as Bolthouse Farms. Of course, there are a whole host of other manufacturers that make seasonal egg nog concoctions that can be enticing for impulse buys during the holidays.

Seasonal Beverages can be Easily Accessible in Milk Coolers

These seasonal items can sometimes be overlooked in the store or cafeteria’s glass door beverage refrigerator. That’s why moving them to a milk cooler near the checkout in the cafeteria line is a great way to boost sales of short-term seasonal items that can improve your holiday bottom line and ensure that the milk cooler pays for itself in a shorter period of time. Of course, it is imperative to keep these seasonal beverages cold and at peak freshness just as with milk, so a milk cooler can serve double duty during these times of the year. Powers Equipment offers many beverage cooling solutions so please allow us to help you this winter.