Powers Equipment Makes Milk Coolers for Back to School

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Why Is Milk An Important Part Of Back-To-School Lunches For Students?

Milk is the leading food source of 13 critical nutrients for American children and teens. It improves health, heightens intellectual reasoning, stimulates superior growth of bones and tissues, and even helps with attendance numbers, along with promoting local dairy farmers and businesses. To add to this, ever since 1946, when the National School Lunch Act was decreed, milk has been an integral part of the school and school lunches. Today, school milk coolers are manufactured to properly preserve milk, to ensure freshness and great taste for school students.

Why Are Milk Coolers Essential Cafeteria Equipment?

It is common knowledge that milk needs to be kept at or below 40 degrees. In fact, every 5 degrees of temperature deviation from this ideal temperature reduces the 14-day shelf life by half. That means it is imperative that milk coolers work efficiently to be cost-effective. Milk coolers are a dependable solution for keeping milk fresh and cool. They reduce spoilage and waste and save money for students and cafeterias nationwide. Well-built and long-lasting milk coolers from Powers Equipment are energy-star efficient, have easy-to-clean interiors and exteriors, and are tested through the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory to exceed all national food and safety standards.

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How To Choose A Milk Cooler For Your School Cafeteria?

When it comes to milk coolers, Powers Equipment has all your needs covered. Their up-to-date facility manufactures and maintains the highest standards for producing commercial refrigerators for educational facilities, hospitals, and any other public facilities where high volumes of people are served in a short amount of time. Milk coolers with digital thermometers are vital to these places to ensure proper interior temperatures are maintained. Because each school cafeteria has distinct needs, milk coolers are fully customizable. In addition, Powers Equipment offers models with hydrocarbon refrigerants that are eco-friendly for these essential cafeteria products.

What’s The Best Way To Serve Cold Milk To Students?

A unique feature of milk coolers is the low 16” clearance level that enables smaller, elementary students to easily access milk products. Powers Equipment makes use of the most up-to-date, cost-effective equipment using tubing within the long-lasting, heavy-duty aluminum side walls of each milk cooler, that is easily cleaned. Most milk coolers are fitted with long-lasting heavy-duty wheels so that they can be moved to wherever they need to be in the cafeteria. After lunch is served, milk coolers can be rolled back to where they are closed and kept for storage at night. Many models feature handles that are easily locked up for safety purposes.

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Why Is Summer The Best Time To Procure Cafeteria Equipment For The School Year?

Summer is the best time to purchase your school milk cooler from Powers Equipment because it can be ordered, delivered, and installed to be in working order before students return to class in the fall. Waiting until fall when high volumes of students circulate through the school each day would not be ideal. Get on the ball and start thinking about milk coolers for school lunches while the weather is still warm!

Powers Equipment Manufactures Milk Coolers For School Cafeterias

Every school cafeteria should have at least one milk cooler for their cafeteria. Powers Equipment has a size to fit every need, including those for elementary, middle, and high schools, and each milk cooler is fully customizable to each school’s needs. Milk coolers from Powers Equipment are energy efficient, easily cleanable and long-lasting. Contact Powers Equipment today at 1-800-673-7868 for your quote or email them at sales@powersequipment.com.