Local Marketing For Florists Can Help Prepare for Expected Floral Gift Increases

Local marketing for florists

Business market analysts are all predicting that the floral gift market will continue to grow over the next five years in the US. With so much projected growth, it’s important for local florists to learn how to capitalize on that growth and maximize their profits. In this article, you can learn how to better market your florist business to take advantage of the influx of business over the next few years, as well as learn about the equipment you can use to accomplish that goal.

Why Marketing for Local Florists Helps

Marketing is an essential part of every business. It helps the public know that you have services to offer and gives individuals a sneak peak of the great work you are able to provide. Marketing for florists in particular is important because it shows your customers – and potential customers – the types of arrangement you can create, the kinds of events you cater to, and can help remind individuals that flowers make an exceptional yet simple gift for your loved ones on various holidays. Marketing makes your services more accessible and desirable in your community.

Why Floral Marketing will be Even More Important in the Next Few Years

With so much potential growth in the local floral gift market anticipated over the next few years, marketing will be even more important to ensure that your business capitalizes on that growth. With a solid marketing plan, you can build your reputation in the community and establish your business as a reliable location to purchases floral gifts. Marking further demonstrates that you are informed about your trade and capable of handling all of the customers’ needs. Therefore, during the next few years as the market continues to grow, it will be important to use all of these tools to ensure that your business continues to succeed with the market’s growing demand.

10 Ways to Market for a Local Florist

Marketing doesn’t have to be overly complex. Here are 10 simple things you can do to help market your flower shop.

  1. Build a website that describes and showcases your products that shows the various services and products you provide.
  2. Manage social media pages for your business with lots of photographs that show off your inventory and design capabilities
  3. Use Google Ads to target customers and alert individuals of your business
  4. Produce business cards and flyers to post around your community and inviting individuals to come to your shop
  5. Use a professional photographer to really highlight your arrangements and show your arrangements in the best light possible
  6. Participate in (or host your own) local events to draw in new customers and demonstrate your engagement in the community
  7. Consider working with a marketing specialist to maximize your marketing potential and identify weaknesses in your marketing business plan
  8. Regularly connect with customers through email or mail by reminding them of upcoming events, promotions or coupons
  9. Decorate your shop windows and outside your shop to attract foot traffic. Try to match the season to demonstrate that you are able to cater to the needs of your customers
  10. Be responsive on online forums, such as Yelp or Google Reviews – even to negative reviews. This shows that you are dedicated to customer service.

What is the Target Market for a Flower Shop?

One of the best things about flower shops is that the target customer is extremely broad. It can range from just about any individual or businesses who is interested in finding fresh floral arrangements to give to a friend, family or love one to show that they care or that they are thinking of them. The important thing to remember is that many individuals purchase floral gifts for a specific occasion, whether it’s a holiday, birthday, funeral, wedding or other special occasion. Therefore, depending on what kind of occasions you service, your target market will be those individuals who would purchase floral gifts during that occasion.

How do you Get a Florist Certification?

There is no formal requirement to obtain a florist certification, but it can be a great marketing tool to share with customers to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable and specially trained in your field. Fortunately, obtaining a certification is relatively easy to do. In fact, florists can complete their certification can be completed entirely online. Both the Floral Design Institute and the American Institute of Floral Design offer online courses that florists can take to obtain their certification.

How can a Floral Cooler from Powers Equipment help your Business?

As we mentioned above, having an expansive display in your store can improve your marketing. A refrigeration unit from Powers Equipment can not only prolong the life of your inventory, but it can assist in expanding your display for the public to see. Furthermore, you can expand your inventory by ensuring that a wider variety of flowers are preserved at their preferred temperatures. Contact us today to learn about how our equipment