Valentine's Day Flowers

Fresh flowers bring color and life into a space and can make the perfect gift for someone special. Consumers want flowers that will last, but they tend to have a short life span, and simply putting roses in a vase of water won’t increase their longevity. There are lots of methods and equipment, like professional floral coolers, that florists can use to prolong the short, but nevertheless beautiful life of floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day – here’s how.

What is the Best Way to Keep Cut Roses Fresh the Longest?

The average lifespan of cut roses, when treated properly, is ten days. When looking to extend the life of roses, the most important factor to consider is temperature control. From the moment a flower is cut until it is placed in a floral preservative solution, it only has access to the food stored in its leaves and petals. When stored at lower temperatures in a floral cooler, roses use less of their limited resources and avoid premature aging. When stored at a higher temperature, flowers undergo a respiratory process, like all other living organisms, that generates heat and contributes to rapid aging.

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What is the Ideal Temperature for Storing Fresh Roses for Sale?

The optimal temperature for storing fresh roses for sale in a floral cooler is between 33 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The longer cut roses are outside of this optimal range, the shorter their vase life will be because of an increased respiration rate. To avoid storing roses in warm or harmful environments that cause wilting, florists should consider floral coolers for storage of cut roses for sale.

How Often Should Florists Monitor Temperatures Within their Floral Coolers?

Once the flowers have arrived at the florist, staff must do their part to keep flowers cool and fresh. One of the most common mistakes by florists is not checking their floral coolers to ensure temperature consistency, identifying any warm or cool spots. Ideally, the air is gently circulated around the floral cooler to avoid exposing flowers to damage from blasts of cold air and temperature fluctuations when the cooler doors are opened. The temperature of the bucket solutions should also be checked consistently. It is recommended that florists check the cooler thermometers at least twice a day, but ideally as many as several times a day.

Valentine's Day Flowers

What Humidity Levels Should be Maintained Within the Floral Cooler for Cut Roses?

In order to help roses retain their moisture and keep a longer vase life, the optimal humidity level in a floral cooler should be between 90% – 95%. Storing roses at this humidity level and the ideal temperatures can help extend the vase life up to three times longer. Storing cut roses at lower humidity levels can lead to dehydration.

The evaporators in professional floral coolers use more advanced techniques than general refrigeration equipment. This equipment maintains the humidity by achieving the correct evaporator temperature difference, which is the difference between the saturation temperature of the refrigerant inside the coil and its entering air temperature. Evaporators used in floral coolers are designed with a temperature difference of about 5 degrees Fahrenheit to maintain the ideal 90% – 95% humidity level.

Valentine's Day Flowers

How much Hydration do Cut Roses Require for Optimal Freshness?

A rose’s waterway system consists of capillaries that act like straws carrying water and nutrients throughout the flower. When done correctly, rose hydration is a balancing act between the water that evaporates from the leaves and petals and the water that is drawn up through the stem. It is recommended to fill the vase three-quarters of its height with water and it should be changed at least every two days. Proper humidity in a professional floral cooler will help preserve this balancing act as long as possible.

Powers Equipment has Floral Coolers to Keep Valentine’s Day Flowers Looking Great!

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, florists will be stocking up on roses and will need to keep them healthy for as long as possible. Behind every beautiful Valentine’s Day, floral arrangement are reliable floral coolers that regulate optimal temperatures and humidity to preserve the freshness of various kinds of flowers. At Powers Equipment, we have been constantly refining our professional floral coolers for several decades to provide best-in-class options that properly refrigerate and display flowers. We offer a wide variety of inviting designs that showcase your inventory to help boost your bottom line. In addition, we have custom refrigerator options that accommodate your needs and specifications. Contact us for more information or to receive an instant quote at 1-800-673-7868.