How Floral Coolers are a Valuable Asset in a Classroom Setting

A Classroom Asset: Advantages of Floral Coolers

It’s no secret that flowers and plants are delicate organisms that require specific care. Without proper attention, within a few short days, your beloved plants could become shriveled and wilted, as they near the end of their life cycle. To preserve the life of plants for study in a classroom setting, be sure to store specimens in a flower refrigerator from Powers Equipment. Floral coolers provide an environment with controlled temperatures and humidity, to help extend the life of plants for study in agricultural and horticultural classrooms. This allows students additional days to study and observe the life cycle of blooms, versus storing them at room temperature, or even in a typical food refrigerator.

Science in Action: Observing Plant Respiration and Wilting

The use of flower refrigerators is the perfect way to preserve plants for observation in a classroom setting. Instead of leaving plants out in the open, it is best to keep them enclosed in well-ventilated areas to ensure that they have a good supply of oxygen and carbon dioxide. As a result, students in the classroom can observe two main biological processes: photosynthesis and respiration. For photosynthesis to occur, plants require sunlight, which means the process can only be observed during the day. During this process, carbon dioxide is absorbed to convert the sun’s energy into glucose for the plant to grow. In contrast, aerobic respiration typically occurs at night with the absence of light, in which oxygen is absorbed to break down glucose to release energy. Students can view these processes through the glass doors of floral coolers, looking out for whitish, fine hairs in plant roots that absorb these gasses. Good lighting, shelving, and glass doors are all good customizations to allow for all students in the classroom to observe the plants’ life cycles.

Engaging Activities and Learning Opportunities

A flower refrigerator allows you to adjust the air temperature and humidity levels to accommodate the needs of different plants. For instance, a poinsettia plant requires more oxygen than a hosta. Teachers can experiment with storing different plants in various conditions as floral coolers provide a temperature range from 38-42°F, with around 80-90% humidity to see how it affects the health of the plant. Students will notice how some plants can withstand higher temperatures and require less water, such as cacti or succulents, while most blooms can be sensitive to even the slightest changes. The customizable features of flower refrigeration allow you to discover what’s best for the health of your plants, with the ability to make changes if a plant shrivels unexpectedly. Floral coolers allow you to pay high attention to the details, to ensure a controlled environment for classroom experiments.

The Unique Benefits of Floral Coolers in a Classroom Setting

A flower refrigerator is different from a typical household food refrigerator in that its design calls for delicate air circulation, to avoid damaging flowers. A typical food or beverage cooler has strong, powerful air jets that can create a harsh and unsafe environment for plant life. Additionally, a floral cooler provides extra humidity that can keep the air moist, and the plants hydrated. Flower refrigerators offer controlled temperatures for the plants and flowers being observed in a classroom setting, usually in the range of 38-42°F. And most importantly, flower refrigerators are not solid like household refrigerators, allowing for maximized observation.

Contact Powers Equipment for Floral Coolers Customized for your Classroom

Powers Equipment has a wide selection of high-quality flower refrigerators customizable for a classroom setting. These state-of-the-art flower refrigeration units allow you to incorporate features to meet the specific needs of your agricultural and horticultural lesson plans. Customizable options include display features, lighting choices, and sizing to fit your space. Contact us if you have a specific request for color, size, or security features, and we’d love to work with you to customize your flower refrigerator for your classroom. Contact Powers Equipment today!