Finding the Right Commercial Refrigerator for your Business

Commercial Refrigerators in Display

What Type of Commercial Refrigerator Does Your Business Need?

A surprising number of companies rely on commercial refrigerators in order to keep their business running. From restaurants to grocery stores to florists to hospitals and research facilities, commercial refrigerators play a crucial role in keeping products fresh for customers, keeping customers safe from foodborne illnesses, and preserving perishable items. Though each of these industries rely on commercial refrigerators to keep things cool, how this equipment is used can vary from business to business. As a result, there are dozens of styles, models, and types of commercial refrigerators out there, and it can be difficult to narrow down which one is the right one for you.

When picking a commercial refrigerator, the first step is to think through how you’ll be using your refrigeration equipment. Will it be part of your product display or will be strictly for employee use? What kind of space do you have to keep your refrigerator? How much control do you need to have over the internal temperature? As you identify these needs, the next step will be to start pairing various equipment features with these needs and finding a refrigerator that serves those needs.

What to Consider when selecting different types of commercial refrigeration equipment

Commercial refrigeration equipment can come with many sizes and shapes and features. Each of these features can serve a multitude of purposes that promote the ultimate purpose and use of your commercial refrigeration system. Below, we’ve picked out some of the most common commercial refrigeration uses and identified the things you should consider before purchasing a refrigerator for that purpose.

  • Swinging Door Beverage Refrigerators – When incorporating a swinging door beverage refrigerator, the most important thing to keep in mind is that this refrigerator is not only meant to help keep beverages cool, but also to display all of the beverage options in a way that the customers can easily peruse their choices. You may want to include internal lighting to make the product look its very best and include glass doors so that the products can be seen without having to open up the doors.
  • Sliding Glass Door MerchandisersSliding glass door merchandisers are also great for displaying food, snacks, or drinks. The benefit to sliding doors is that they can fit in more compact spaces because it does not need room for the door to slide open and close. A sliding door refrigerator may be more appealing because many of them come with multiple sections to display different types of products for sale.
  • Bar Back Coolers – Bars and restaurants are always needing extra storage space to keep drinks, food, condiments, garnishes, and other ingredients. Bar back coolers should be designed to fit comfortably under countertops or workstations so that the wait staff can easily access them and serve the customers more efficiently. Bar back coolers should be compact, potentially have glass doors so employees can find what they are looking for easily and have comprehensive storage designs to keep items easily stocked and stored.
  • Milk Coolers – Schools, cafeterias and day cares all have a need for milk coolers to store dozens of cartons of milk for students and children attending their facilities. When shopping for a milk cooler, you should look for a unit that accommodates several milk crates that stack on top of each other in order to maximize storage space. The other thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the milk cartons inside are easily accessible to the children who will be consuming them.
  • Floral CoolersFloral coolers are also typically used for displaying the business’s products in an appealing manner that entices the customers to purchase flowers. You may want a refrigerator with customizable shelving so that you can maximize the number of products you can place inside without crowing the bouquets. Many florists also prefer refrigerators with wheels so that they can easily move the equipment from one end of the shop to another.
  • Medical Uses – Every lab, hospital and research facility is different, and the types of medical products or medicines that will be stored in a medical refrigerator can vary from place to place. Thus, when shopping for a scientific freezer for medical purposes, it is important to have an understanding of what kind of storage needs you have, what kind of temperatures you want to achieve and if you require special features such as locking mechanisms. Storage of medical materials can require special certifications, so it is also important to make sure your commercial refrigerator meets all of the appropriate healthcare standards.

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