Factors to consider when selecting a pharmaceutical freezer

Pharmaceutical Chemicals

What should I look for in a pharmaceutical freezer?

Pharmaceutical freezers and labs play an important role in scientific medical projects. Therefore, the type of pharmaceutical freezer that you choose should be designed to serve the type of scientific work that you perform. For example, virologists, microbiologists and other scientists that deal with delicate cultures or organisms will need a freezer that allows stability and consistent internal temperatures that are optimal for these samples. There are a variety of pharmaceutical freezers, each tailored to meet the countless needs of scientists in hundreds of areas of scientific study. When working with a pharmaceutical freezer manufacturer, it is important to communicate those needs so that you can be paired with a machine that will be customized to best serve those needs.

Consider the cooling technology inside the pharmaceutical freezer

No one knows better than scientists that many projects are closely regulated and must fall within indicated parameters to meet industry standards, including guarantees that products or samples are stored at consistent temperatures. As a result, you must have confidence in the cooling technology you use, that it is reliable enough to maintain those standards and/or is adjustable to match the needs of your individual scientific research. At Powers Equipment, we use top of the line cooling technology that is both energy-efficient and CFC-Free to control the internal environment of our freezers with exacting precision. If your project has more nuanced requirements to meet rigorous standards or certifications, Powers Equipment can work with each client to customize a pharmaceutical freezer that meets those specific needs.

What accessories for your pharmaceutical freezer will help you most?

Powers Equipment doesn’t want your pharmaceutical freezer to just be a freezer; we want it to be a tool that you rely on again and again for the life of the equipment. For this reason, we offer a variety of customizable accessories that expand the use of your freezer. For example, we can outfit your pharmaceutical freezer with alarms and locks to keep the products or samples inside safe. We can also install roll-out drawers inside the main chamber that allow you to view your samples simultaneously without disturbing them too much. Our pharmaceutical freezers can also include various data collecting devices that help record times and changes in temperature that occur inside the main chamber. Many pharmaceutical freezers can come equipped with casters and wheels that allow for easy transportation. Any of the accessories can be added to maximize your freezer’s utility to you and your work.

Consider a pharmaceutical freezer manufacturer with a history of reliability

A pharmaceutical freezer is a big investment. You not only want to make sure that it is meeting all of the desired specifications, but also that it will survive the test of time, and serve your needs for years to come. As a result, you want to be sure that you work with a company that not only can create products designed specifically for you and your needs, but also is a company that has years of experience creating pharmaceutical freezers. Powers Equipment is proud of the reputation they have built over several decades, and the countless customers they have served in that time. We’re confident that with our experience and long history of producing reliable equipment, we can offer you the same level of excellence by choosing to purchase our equipment.

Select a pharmaceutical freezer that’s easy to maintain

Not only do our products create consistent temperature-controlled environments that protect your projects and ensure your work meets all industry standards and certifications, but they are also easy to maintain. We are happy to help educate our clients on the best ways to preserve your equipment and maintain it for years and years. This way, you can feel confident that you have a high-quality pharmaceutical freezer, as well as the general knowledge necessary to maintain that product. Furthermore, if your equipment ever appears to be malfunctioning, Powers Equipment is always happy to troubleshoot and help repair your equipment. Between our user-friendly designs and our commitment to extending the life of your investment, our freezers are some of the easiest to maintain available on the market.

Powers Equipment can customize a pharmaceutical freezer for your lab!

Powers Equipment is one of the best manufacturers for pharmaceutical freezers. We take the time to get to know each client and understand the various ways that they will use their freezer. We then use our experience to customize the pharmaceutical freezer that will serve those needs. We will also make suggestions on how to accessorize your freezer to maximize its utility. Our team loves the challenge of creating a pharmaceutical freezer that is designed to meet every need or purpose that our client will use it for. If you are searching for your next pharmaceutical freezer, contact Powers Equipment today to learn more about how we can build the perfect piece of equipment made just for you!