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Are Commercial Refrigerators More Efficient than Household Refrigerators?

Commercial refrigerators have become exceptionally energy efficient in recent years qualifying for the latest Energy Star requirements each year. The average 15 cubic foot household refrigerator can use over 750 watts to keep your condiments and leftovers cool which costs you nearly $220 per year, while a sliding glass door refrigerator from Powers Equipment cools 50 cubic feet for less than one and a half times the electricity cost. If you’re tired of watching the refrigerator doors open and close just to see what’s inside and letting out the costly cold air, consider upgrading to a sliding glass door refrigerator. Offering a full view of the inside contents, a sliding glass door refrigerator from Powers Equipment can be customized for the commercial refrigeration needs of your business.

Are Sliding Glass Door Refrigerators More Energy Efficient?

As a high-capacity refrigeration system that provides a fast cooling, a Powers Equipment sliding glass door refrigerator is environmentally friendly with top rated Energy Star ratings. The Department of Energy estimates today’s high-capacity commercial sliding glass door refrigerator uses 60% less energy than those manufactured ten years ago, costing less than a dollar a day and saving hundreds of dollars per year. Reducing your energy consumption is just one way to increase efficiency and can be aided just by lowering the number of times the doors are opened each day. Built with vertical LED lights and black anodized aluminum double pane glass self-closing doors, it’s easy to efficiently keep cold air in and warm air out while providing a clear view into the contents of the refrigerator.

Are sliding Glass Door Refrigerators More Durable?

Sliding glass door refrigerators are not made from your typical everyday glassware. Powers Equipment manufactures commercial refrigerators with low E and argon-filled double panel glass doors engineered for durability. These doors are stronger than typical stainless steel doors and with a powder, coat exterior finish, extremely resistant to scratches and dents that seem to appear out of nowhere on refrigerator doors. Maintained with a soft cleaning cloth, a sliding glass door refrigerator will look brand new for years to come.

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Sliding Glass Door Refrigerators for Marketing in Grocery & Convenience Stores

Offering the solution for a common need, an energy-efficient sliding glass door refrigerator from Powers Equipment is the perfect marketing tool for any business. Grocery stores and convenience stores soon see a return on investment as customers have a more pleasant shopping experience when they can easily identify all the items on display. Staff are able to keep the refrigerators stocked and clean as they can quickly see what needs to be wiped down or what products need to be restocked.

If you’re thinking of a sliding glass door refrigerator as an expense, it would be more accurate to consider it an investment. A well-lit, clean and neatly stocked refrigerator is a proven marketing tool for today’s grocery and convenience stores. In today’s climate, concerns for cleanliness and energy efficiency have infiltrated the consumer world, forcing businesses to find new ways to be competitive. The key is to offer each customer a hygienic option to review all available products while subtly encouraging energy efficiency with automatically closing doors.

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