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Commercial Refrigerators are Completely Customizable!

When it comes to commercial refrigerators and freezers, most companies that use commercial refrigeration equipment are looking for the same general thing – a refrigerator that will efficiently keep the products inside at a consistently cool temperature. Even so, it is important to note that every business has unique needs and equipment specifications to best serve their company and the uses it has for its refrigerators. For example, some businesses might need equipment that fits into a particular space, or that can move around easily, or that can enhance the showcasing of displays kept inside of the unit. Customizable equipment is a game-changer! At Powers Equipment, each refrigeration unit can be specially tailored to fit the needs of each business so refrigerator owners can maximize the benefits of their units.

Customizations for Floral Coolers

Floral coolers are a great commercial refrigeration option for preserving fresh flower arrangements and ensuring that the blooms look as beautiful at the time of purchase as the moment they arrive in your shop. Floral refrigerators can be customized to include glass panel doors and interior lighting that will allow customers to view your products without opening the doors and releasing the cool air. We also can add wheels to your refrigerator so that you can move the units around to accommodate special displays for events or holidays. Additionally, we offer refrigerators with customizable shelving that will not only flatter your products inside, but will allow you to rearrange the shelving in a manner that will let you maximize your space inside the unit without crowding or crushing your products.

Customizations for Beverage Refrigerators

Whether you are a local bar or a large grocery dealer, the key to a good commercial refrigeration system for beverages is allowing the customer to easily view all of their options while deciding what type of drink they would like to purchase (before they open the door!). Many beverage refrigerators are customized to feature large glass paned doors that allow the customer to review their options, with sliding doors for easy access to the product. Beverage coolers can also be fitted with mirrored panels and glass shelving to make your product stand out even better. Finally, because most businesses have different spaces that they must utilize for their beverage coolers, we can customize every refrigerator to fit neatly into whatever space is available for the unit. For example, our coolers can be designed to fit under counter spaces at bars, next to cashiers at to-go food restaurants, or along the entire length of a room at a convenience store. The possibilities are endless.

Customizations for Pharmaceutical Freezers

Pharmaceutical freezers are an important type of commercial refrigeration equipment, because of the role they play in public health and scientific discovery. These purposes can be advanced even further when a pharmaceutical refrigerator or freezer is customized to serve the specific needs of the laboratory it will be used in. Our pharmaceutical freezers can be equipped to include temperature data monitoring to ensure all contents are kept at consistent temperatures and can be outfitted with wire shelving to optimize air circulation. We can also create battery power capabilities to ensure that if a power outage occurs, the refrigerator will be able to maintain internal temperatures until the outage is resolved. Pharmaceutical refrigerators can also be designed with security measures in place as well. These units can come with special locking mechanisms or alarm systems that will alert staff members if unauthorized personnel attempt to access the content of the unit. Not only do these customizations ensure that internal temperatures are kept as consistent as possible, but also ensure that your work will be safe when you are away.

Customizations for Milk Coolers

Customizations for Milk Coolers

Thousands of kids across the country rely on milk products being available for school lunches every year. Milk coolers are the best type of commercial refrigeration unit for school students in a cafeteria environment. Milk coolers can be equipped with top or side doors that will give children easy access to the contents of the cooler. Maintaining this easy access is especially important to avoid accidental spills as children simultaneously juggle school supplies and lunch trays. Many milk coolers can also be equipped with simple locking mechanisms that help seal the doors tightly at the end of lunch period so the interior reaches ideal temperatures quickly to better preserve the milk products inside.

See Powers Equipment for a Customized Commercial Refrigerator to meet your needs!

Powers Equipment works with each client to understand exactly what type of commercial refrigeration unit is needed and to learn how we can help every client maximize its use. We don’t want to sell our clients a simple stock refrigeration system – we want to provide our client with a unique piece of equipment that will promote their company and their business needs. Contact us today to begin learning about what we can do to help you today.