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What Makes A Refrigerator Commercial Grade?

Commercial grade refrigerators provide cold storage in a number of settings, like restaurants, bars, floral shops, grocery stores, convenience stores, hotels, and schools. While commercial and domestic refrigerators do the same job, commercial grade refrigerators are designed and built to meet the rigorous demands of their industrial placements. Commercial refrigerators are equipped with high-powered compressors to maintain constant temperature in cases like catering kitchens where the refrigerator doors are accessed frequently. To keep contents in larger refrigerators at optimum temperatures, commercial refrigerators are also fan-assisted. Fan-assistance circulates the cold air throughout the unit. Custom-built commercial refrigerators are designed with specific hardware that can handle the type and frequency of use your business needs.

Can You Have A Commercial Refrigerator Custom Built?

When it comes to commercial refrigerators, one size doesn’t fit all. To maximize efficiency in the workplace, a custom refrigerator manufacturer like Powers Equipment can design and construct a custom refrigerator to your exact specifications. From specific size, colors, windows, and doors, custom-built commercial refrigerators can be customized to meet your specific needs. At Powers Equipment, we also have the ability to customize your standard refrigerator to deliver the performance your commercial setting demands.

What Options Are Available For A Custom-Built Commercial Refrigerator?

Designing and manufacturing your custom-built commercial refrigerators enables you to select endless options for your cold storage needs. Regardless if your facility is a grocery store, convenience store, neighborhoodl bar, restaurant, or floral shop, adding custom options can significantly influence your productivity, sales, and marketing of your products and inventory. Several key components to consider in your next custom-built commercial refrigerator are:

  • Door locks: There are multiple options to securing your commercial grade custom refrigerators. Keyed or keyless lock systems can be installed on your unit.
  • Shelving: Your custom commercial refrigerator can be outfitted with a shelving system to meet your specific needs. From metals to acrylics and glass, your customized shelving can store or display your cold inventory.
  • End Panels: Adding a customized end panel to your unit can provide aesthetics to a commercial refrigerator. Mirrored end panels can give your refrigerator great appeal.
  • Evaporator Coils: These heat exchangers can be customized to improve the efficiency of your commercial refrigerator. The fins, headers, and frames can be manufactured to your specifications.
  • Evaporators & Pumps: Customizing these components in your commercial regeneration unit will maximize the cooling capabilities to achieve your specific refrigeration needs.
  • Stainless Steel: Outfitting your custom commercial refrigerator with stainless steel interior and/or exterior panels and components can provide stunning aesthetics, strength, and practical functionality to your unit.

Custom-Built Commercial Refrigerator

Select The Size, Components, And The Visual Appeal For Your Business

Outfitting your business with proper refrigeration equipment is essential to maintaining effective and efficient operations. A custom-built commercial refrigerator is a vital asset to provide the capacity and flexibility to meet the demands of your enterprise. Commercial refrigeration units can be built to fit your exact space and application. Commercial refrigerators for a bar can be built to sit on the floor, under the bar, or they can be manufactured to be mounted on walls above workspaces. Paired with stainless steel or custom colored components and panels, customizing your commercial refrigerator, it can become an aesthetically pleasing focal point in your business.

Custom doors for your custom-built commercial refrigerator can have a significant impact for your enterprise. Sliding glass doors can give your patrons the ability to view cold inventory prior to opening the door. This custom door selection can improve efficiency of the unit while providing patrons with convenience and appeal. Customizing the internal components of your commercial unit can also increase efficiency. Utilizing larger evaporators and coils can use less energy and are more sustainable than older units.

Powers Equipment Manufactures Custom-Built Commercial Refrigerators!

Improve the visual appeal of your cold storage with a custom-built commercial refrigerator from Powers Equipment. Our expert design and fabrication team can create your ultimate cold storage solution to the specifications and benefit of your enterprise. Contact us today and let Powers Equipment put our 85 years of custom refrigeration design and manufacturing into your next custom refrigeration unit.