Cleaning Commercial Refrigerators

Commercial refrigerators and coolers are an important part of many businesses, and as such they need to be treated and maintained like any other equipment. An important step in maintaining commercial refrigerators is ensuring that they are properly cleaned and decontaminated on a regular basis. A thorough cleaning can help to prolong the life of your equipment as well as ensure that they are up to any health and safety guidelines.

Importance of Cleaning Commercial Refrigerators and Coolers

Just like your fridge at home, regular cleanings can help to improve your commercial equipment. If you are using commercial refrigerators and coolers in a food service or hospitality capacity, there are strict food safety and storage standards that need to be maintained. Scheduling routine cleanings can keep your business within the food service standards set by the government. Additionally, regularly cleaning the condenser coils can improve the efficiency of your coolers.

Steps in Cleaning Floral Coolers

Floral coolers are designed to create and maintain the ideal conditions for preserving flowers, and part of retaining that delicate balance is regular cleaning and maintenance. Schedule a cleaning at least once a week to keep floral coolers running at peak condition. Using a bleach and water solution, the cooler should be cleaned thoroughly including walls and shelves. Also, the outer area of the cooler should be cleaned and dusted to remove debris and dirt buildup. At least once a year you should have an expert clean and examine the coolers to keep them running in their prime condition.

Steps in Cleaning Beverage Coolers

Cleaning commercial refrigerators and coolers is an essential part of the food industry. Beverage coolers should be cleaned regularly in order to prevent contamination and to allow the cooling components to work more effectively. After emptying the fridge completely, wipe down all surfaces including the walls. If the shelves are removable you may want to pull those out and make sure that they are thoroughly cleaned on all sides. Schedule professional cleaning and maintenance frequently to improve the life of your appliances.

How often Should a Commercial Fridge be Cleaned?

Scheduling cleaning for commercial refrigerators and coolers should be a regular part of your routine. Regular cleanings should occur weekly, with special cleanings for the condenser coils and fans scheduled monthly.

How do I Clean the Condenser Coils on my Refrigerator?

Condenser coils are a necessity to keep refrigerators up and running, and cleaning for these components should be scheduled as often as once a month. You will need to use a high-powered vacuum to remove dust and buildup from the coils so that they can function. The fan will also need to be cleaned. Cleaning commercial refrigerator and cooler condenser coils is best left to a pro who won’t damage the cooler or components in the process.

Guidelines for Decontaminating Coolers and Refrigerators

There are often stringent guidelines in place for the cleaning and maintenance of commercial refrigerators. It’s best to check and see what state and local guidelines you should adhere to, especially when it comes to the safety of your customers. However, regardless of where you are, make sure that you are cleaning on a regular schedule, and having a professional come in to clean the condenser cables and ensure that your coolers are running safely and efficiently.