White and Orange Flowers on Brown Field

The most iconic part of the fall season is leaves turning into brilliant shades of reds, oranges, and yellows, just as the temperature begins to drop. These warm tones are repeatedly seen in fall themed things throughout the entire season, and flower arrangements are no exception. While flowers are often a symbol of spring and new growth, there are still hundreds of flowers that flourish in the late summer and fall months, and are the perfect addition to any fall bouquet. Continue reading to learn about the best flowers to use in fall bouquets and how floral coolers can help you make them last even longer!

What Flowers are in Fall Arrangements?

Typically, fall floral arrangements feature flowers that are in season during the fall months. Additionally, many fall bouquets consist of the classic reds and oranges that we often associate with the autumn season. Some of the most common flowers we see in fall bouquets are bright red chrysanthemums and golden marigolds, and pastel carnations – all staples of the fall season. Ranunculus is another fall favorite, due to its availability in dark, warm tones and variety in shapes and sizes. Fall floral arrangements are also often highlighted with darker and warmer accent plants, such as burning bush, red winterberry, amaranthus, or Queen Anne’s lace. Also be on the lookout for unique earthy additions. To add a truly autumn touch, look for arrangements using fall leaves, such as yellow beech leaves or beautiful bronze oak branches. Unripe persimmons, pomegranates and acorns can add an interesting texture to your fall themed arrangements. To keep your fall creations fresh and crisp longer, be sure to display them in a floral cooler from Powers Equipment.

What Flowers are Popular in Bouquets for Fall Weddings?

Wedding Flowers Bouquet

For weddings, florists create more sophisticated bouquets to commemorate a couple’s fall nuptials. For couples looking to stick with classic white colors or warmer pastels, create a wedding bouquet with glowing white dahlias, snowberry, or hydrangeas contrasted with black spider mums, ivy berries and black-leaf millet grass. Roses are another ideal option, as they are not only a classic flower to make an appearance at a wedding celebration, but they come in an endless variety of colors, sizes and shades to meet your perfect vision. Foxglove, ferns, and yarrow can complement your fall wedding bouquet to give it a more earthy and bohemian feel, while long vines and lunaria are more classic and romantic. After designing the perfect fall wedding bouquet, florists store them in floral coolers until it’s time for their walk down the aisle.

What Type of Cooler is the Best to Use for Flower Displays?

We love flowers because they are visually appealing and brighten any room. The best floral coolers allow customers to see your beautiful flower arrangements, while keeping the flowers fresh and happy in their ideal environment. Floral coolers maintain temperatures of 33-36°F, which is ideal for preserving flowers. At this temperature, deterioration, bacterial growth, and transpiration are reduced. Floral coolers must also maintain high levels of humidity to optimally preserve flowers. In addition, floral refrigerators should include large glass doors with plenty of storage space to display your flowers,

Do you have a specific vision for your floral cooler? In that case a fully customized floral refrigerator is your best bet. No matter how you customize your floral cooler, the key is to make sure the interior display space will be able to maintain constant temperatures that will prevent your arrangements from wilting and preserve your flowers longer. At Powers equipment, no matter which floral cooler you choose, you will receive a high-quality product, constructed with top-quality materials that will last for years.

What Floral Cooler Accessories are Best to Display Fall Arrangements?

Accessories are the best way to customize your floral cooler to preserve your beautiful fall flower arrangements. Our accessories improve the visibility of your arrangements and make them all the more appealing to your potential customers. Consider adding lights and mirrors to your floral refrigerator to make your arrangements more visible. Customizable shelving allows you to make the most out of your display case and arrange your bouquets in the most appealing manner, and adjust for height when necessary. By adding glass paneling to the sides of your refrigerator, you can also increase the visibility of your products. Finally, we offer door locks to help keep your products safe when you leave for the night, and castors so you can roll your floral cooler from place to place.

Powers Equipment has Floral Coolers for Florists to Display their Creations

As a florist, you know that the key to success is being able to show off your beautiful creations while preserving your flowers for as long as possible. The floral coolers at Powers Equipment can offer you just that. Contact us today to learn more about our floral refrigerators, and how they can bring your business to the next level.