Beverage Refrigerators for Football Season

Football season is in full swing, which means consumers are actively planning their gameday purchases every week leading up to Super Bowl Sunday. To meet the high demand for soda and beer sales, your company must be equipped with beverage refrigerators that effectively display and merchandise beverages for purchase. Powers Equipment has the commercial refrigeration equipment and beverage coolers you’ll need to get you through this busy season!

Is Demand For Beverages Higher During Football Season?

The first thing sports fans plan to stock up on for their team’s weekly games are food and beverages. According to a Statista study, which surveyed 7,616 people in January, 80% of respondents voted food and beverages as the most popular purchase when preparing for the Super Bowl. As one of the country’s highly anticipated and most watched television broadcasts of the year, Statista noted that American consumers spent an estimated $16.5 billion dollars over Super Bowl weekend in 2023. Many football games on Saturdays and Sundays leading up to the Super Bowl are no different, so make sure your beverage refrigerators are ready!

What Type Of Beverage Refrigerator Does Your Business Need For Football Sales?

A beverage refrigerator with quick and easy access will provide convenience for customers who are on the move. Both swinging door and sliding door refrigerators work for this purpose. Swinging door beverage refrigerators are beneficial in that the doors seal tighter and allow for greater energy efficiency. However, if you have a smaller establishment, then you might prefer sliding door beverage refrigerators, as they are ideal for narrow aisles and smaller spaces. Both types of refrigerators are great for displaying the beverages that football fans are typically looking to purchase.

What Are The Benefits Of A Beverage Display Refrigerator?

Beverage display refrigerators are a great tool for your company to use in order to appeal to all customers, especially on-the-go customers. Essentially, offering grab-and-go refrigerators will encourage impulse purchases and increase sales. By installing sliding door or swinging door display refrigerators in your store, you’re also providing easy access and convenience to customers. Adding display refrigerators also shows that you care about the needs of your key demographic and that you’re keeping up with merchandising trends. Stocking your beverage refrigerators with a diverse assortment of products that sports fans are known to shop for also makes their shopping experience easy and efficient.

Football and a beverage

What Are The Benefits Of A Merchandising Refrigerator?

Implementing marketing tools and equipment to facilitate merchandising in beverage refrigerators will draw customers in and boost sales. That’s why ensuring that your refrigerators are meticulously prepared and presented is an important factor in your store. There are several benefits to consider in a merchandising refrigerator. These include in-store placement, adhering to consumer needs and buying trends, remaining mindful of location’s key demographic, and offering a variety of options. In relation to football season, making sure your refrigerators are stocked and reflects the trends of the season will appeal to the many sports fans coming into your store. Catering to your customers’ needs will enhance your reputation and will boost your sales.

Contact Powers Equipment To See How We Can Customize Beverage Refrigerators For Football Season And Beyond!

Powers Equipment specializes in providing businesses with commercial refrigerators that fit the needs of the company, their beverage merchandising, the customers, and the staff. Our company uses quality components and superior technology for our commercial refrigeration designs. These custom manufactured beverage refrigerators ensure that a variety of beverages are kept at their ideal temperature with minimal maintenance. Contact us today to learn which refrigerator suits your business needs best!