Benefits of Pharmaceutical Refrigerators & Freezers

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What is the Difference Between a Pharmaceutical Refrigerator and a Regular Refrigerator?

One main difference between standard refrigerators and pharmaceutical refrigerators is the consistency of temperatures on the interior. Pharmaceutical refrigerators provide consistent temperatures to precisely preserve vaccines and medications. Domestic refrigerators are regularly used to store employees’ lunches and are opened more frequently, so they do not maintain stable temperatures. Purpose-built pharmaceutical refrigerators from Powers Equipment result in significant savings over domestic refrigerators that are inconsistent in their temperature fluctuations.The high quality of materials used to manufacture pharmaceutical freezers and refrigerators and their much lower failure rate saves health care facilities thousands of dollars in lost or spoiled biological products compared to the use of standard refrigerators.

Powers Equipment builds state-of-the-art pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers that monitor and maintain set temperatures significantly faster than their non-medical counterparts do, consequently saving thousands of vaccines and medical supplies each year. While the initial upfront cost of pharmaceutical refrigerators is higher, the thousands of dollars saved by preventing spoiled supplies is substantially higher, saving facilities many times their initial investment.

What are the Benefits of Pharmaceutical Freezers and Refrigerators?

One of the greatest benefits of pharmaceutical freezers and refrigerators from Powers Equipment is the cold chain maintenance. Knowing that over $20 million across the industry is lost to the failure of a consistent cold chain, this single factor alone far exceeds the cost of purchasing a scientific freezer or refrigerator. Pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers have compressors that reach and maintain objective temperatures efficiently, and wire shelving ensures proper airflow throughout the unit. Pharmaceutical freezer and refrigerator doors are tightly sealed and made with higher quality materials.

Another benefit of a scientific refrigerator or freezer is temperature monitoring devices and digital data loggers, that are built into these pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers. This means facilities can track their interior temperatures and even monitor the temperatures of the contents without having to open the doors of the unit. Built-in digital locks prevent unauthorized use and alarm systems can alert employees of temperature changes, enabling individuals to address problems right away. Most scientific refrigerators and freezers also have battery back-up supplies, enabling consistent temperature chains during power outages as well. Many pharmaceutical freezer and refrigerator combinations also have glass doors, enabling a medical professional to see and locate their desired medication before opening the door, minimizing the time the door is opened and enhancing the consistency of temperature within the unit.

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How are Pharmaceutical Refrigerators useful?

Pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers are critical to every state-of-the-art facility that deals with a diversity of biologic samples. These samples can range from blood, byproducts of blood, organic substances, vaccines, medicines, medical supplies, ribonucleic acid (RBA), and deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Most of these agents need to be stored in a scientific freezer or refrigerator with a specific and consistent temperature-controlled environment in order to remain viable. Without pharmaceutical refrigerators, many common medical procedures, from blood transfusions to vaccinations would not be possible.

Why is Airflow Important in Pharmaceutical Refrigerators and Freezers?

Most standard refrigerators have glass shelving that prevents air from circulating. This is great for fruits and vegetables, but the consequence is that internal temperatures are very unstable. Pharmaceutical refrigerators and freezers from Powers Equipment are designed with perforated ventilation holes and superior air flow systems with fan-forced air circulation systems and vents to maintain uniform temperatures. Your vaccines and other precious specimens will be protected and uncompromised.

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Customized Pharmaceutical Refrigerators & Freezers from Powers Equipment

Powers Equipment, a well-known manufacturer of commercial refrigerators, offers state-of-the-art pharmaceutical freezers and refrigerators. They are custom-built and personalized with many different accessories to fit every need with unsurpassed expertise. They are backed by accomplished craftsmen that manufacture quality and reliable refrigeration units. Contact Powers Equipment today for a customized quote: Call 1-800-673-7868 or email us at