Amusement Parks Utilize Beverage Display Coolers for Hot Summer Season

Amusement parks

How many Americans Typically Visit Amusement Parks Each Summer Season?

Some of the largest amusement parks in the world are located in the United States, including Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, and Six Flags. In 2019 alone over 150 million Americans visited at least one of the top 25 amusement parks in America.

Summer is the hottest season of the year, and is also considered the busiest season for amusement parks. It is essential that parks have the equipment to keep cold beverages ready for purchase in beverage display coolers throughout the park to maintain visitor hydration for their next adventure in the park.

How many Theme Park Restaurants are there across the Country?

There are over 250 amusement parks across the United States with restaurants and quick-service food-and-beverage stops. Disney World alone has over 400 restaurants for patrons alone. USA Today combined an in-house vote and a popular vote and determined that the top-rated amusement park restaurants are in Knoebels, Dollywood, Knott’s Berry Farms, Kings Dominion, Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom, Disneyland, and Epcot. These amusement parks know how to serve park-goers efficiently, with milk coolers and display coolers at the ready.

Beverage Display Coolers

How do Amusement Parks keep Beverages Cold for Patrons on Hot Summer Days?

Patrons are normally exposed to the sun for an extended period during each of their visits. To help avoid the potential of heat exhaustion or heat stroke, it is imperative that amusement parks have cold beverages available to make up for the energy and sweat used throughout a visitor’s day.

With their visitors in mind, amusement parks use beverage display coolers that keep beverages cold to keep patrons hydrated on hot summer days, and milk coolers to serve patrons efficiently at quick-service restaurants. This equipment allows beverages to stay cold for longer amounts of time prior to purchase, helps minimize lines, and keeps patrons hydrated.

Theme Park Quick-Service Eateries use Milk Coolers and Beverage Display Coolers to Serve Patrons Efficiently

According to the Western Dairy Association, milk and other beverages should be stored under 40 degrees, and every five degrees beyond that reduces the milk’s shelf life by half. With hot summer temperatures and an amusement park’s bottom-line top of mind, milk and beverages must be kept cold. Milk and beverage display coolers can be used as a grab-and-go outlet, shortening lines of patrons that would traditionally be kept waiting for additional beverages, stored in the back room where they are kept keep them cold and safe. Keeping extra coolers near the checkout area is also a great way to boost sales and drive last minute point of sale purchases.

Fast Food RestaurantPowers Equipment has the Products Amusement Parks Need to Serve their Patrons

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