The Right Floral Cooler Accessories For Merchandising Your Floral Arrangements

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One of the most important ways to help make a sale when selling cut flowers and floral arrangements is ensuring that your display is bright, colorful, and visually appealing. No customer will buy flowers that appear wilted, dull, or past their prime. Consequently, having a floral refrigerator to keep your product healthy and fresh for longer will help make sure that your flowers are looking their best when customers enter your store to purchase floral arrangements. Having the right floral refrigerator to maintain a proper temperature for your flowers is the first step. However, adding the right accessories to your floral cooler can boost the appeal of your products even further and do even more to entice customers to purchase your beautiful arrangements.

Finding the appropriate accessories for your retail floral cooler can be helpful in a variety of ways for merchandising your floral arrangements. To start, many of the available accessories make your life as a floral merchandiser easier by assisting with keeping your floral arrangements fresh and beautiful longer, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your business. In addition, it can help create a focal point for potential customers to focus on, helping to drive your sales. Working together, these accessories not only extend the time your flowers will stay fresh and vibrant, but also draw your customers in, highlight each arrangement, and create the most visually appealing display. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective accessories that you can add to your floral cooler.

Custom glass side

Adjustable Glass Shelves

This can be one of the most effective but overlooked parts of a floral cooler. Adjustable shelving can help you more effectively store a variety of arrangements in your floral cooler without the headache of trying to fit arrangements into spaces that are not adequately sized. Not only do adjustable shelves allow you to create more space between the levels of the display to accommodate arrangements of different sizes and shapes, but also allows you to create an overall display that is not crowded. Crowded displays can choke out the beauty of each individual arrangement and cause a distraction for your customers. As a result, adjustable shelves are the best way to prove each arrangement with the amount of space it needs. Plus, because the shelves are see-through, they do not block the view of any of the arrangements.


Cut flowers and floral arrangements are often very temperature sensitive, requiring precise cooling depending on their native climate. Because the interior of your business may be subject to fluctuations in temperature and humidity, an external thermometer mounted on the outside of your floral cooler can ensure that your display is being kept at the precise settings to keep your floral arrangements as fresh as possible. Back up thermometers are also recommended; in case the main display is faulty and giving inaccurate readings.


Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a well accessorized floral cooler. They make your arrangement appear brighter, healthier, and even more colorful. In addition to ensuring the safety of those stocking the cooler, the amount of lighting available also helps customers to identify which floral arrangements suit their tastes. A well-lit floral cooler is inviting to potential customers and helps to drive sales.

Mirrored End Panels

Many times, floral arrangements are meant to be viewed from multiple angles, such as a centerpiece for a table or as a display in a foyer. Adding mirrored panels to the interior of your floral cooler allows customers to view arrangements within the floral cooler from more than one point of view. Mirrors can also give the arrangements a ‘fuller’ look to the customer, making them even more enticing to purchase. Plus it allows a better view without opening the door to pull the arrangement out, and letting cold air escape!

Legs and Castors

Throughout the year, florists may wish to modify the layouts of their shops to create seasonal displays or to showcase unique products. For example, during certain holidays and peak times of year, you may wish to present different displays at the front of your business or rearrange them to accommodate other displays. However, it can be a hassle to rearrange floor plans to best fit the season or current sales initiative. Floral coolers can be bulky and heavy and difficult to move, potentially putting you or your employees at risk of injury. To avoid these issues, custom legs and castors can be used to accessorize your floral cooler, allowing you to shift the display more easily to wherever you want it.

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