Milk Cooler & Refrigerator

Dependable and Durable

Serve milk directly from a milk case cooler on a cafeteria line, or use a milk cooler as back room storage in high volume locations. Our unique lid arrangement offers the lowest serving height in the industry — only 16″ from floor to the bottom of the opening when the lower lid is open. A long-lasting aluminum interior is standard in a Powers milk refrigerator for the most efficient cold wall cooling. Lids can be locked with a long shank padlock between the upper and lower handle.

Every milk case cooler is NSF and ETL approved. Our milk refrigerators are low maintenance, energy efficient, and quiet because— they do not have an interior fan. A milk cooler comes with all copper tubing, a stainless steel top, lids, hinges and latches, and features a heavy gauge, aluminum interior. A Powers milk refrigerator also has easy-to-clean, removable plastic bottoms for pans, and a vinyl gasket that can be removed with tools for easy maintenance.

Additional features of a Powers Milk Cooler:

  • 2″ dial thermometer.
  • Powder-coat or stainless steel exterior finish.
  • Bottom drain.
  • 1/5 HP condensing unit, CFC-free R134A refrigerant.
  • Optional lock, and
  • 8′ power cord, 115V 60HZ.

See Powers’ tips for using and maintaining your school cooler.
Did You Know? In Some States, School Milk Coolers Subsidized

Milk is a highly popular item in cafeteria settings such as schools and company lunchrooms. It’s also popular in quick shops and small neighborhood grocery stores. Since milk is perishable, it’s essential to keep it cold so it doesn’t spoil, which can cause illness in students, employees, and customers. With a Powers Equipment milk case cooler, concerns of spoilage are eliminated and milk always stays at a cold, refreshing temperature.

Keeping milk cold also extends its shelf life. Milk should be stored at a temperature of 40 degrees. Every rise of 5 degrees beyond that reduces the milk’s shelf life by half. Reducing spoilage not only protects consumers, but reduces waste, thereby saves money.

With a Powers Equipment milk cooler, milk can be served directly from the case in the serving line so customers can help themselves, or it can be used in a back room for milk storage when you need additional cold milk to be available and accessible.

A Powers Equipment milk cooler is your quick and reliable solution to keeping milk fresh and easily accessible to customers, students, and employees.