Gliding Glass Door Beverage Refrigerators & Coolers

Maximum visual selling at a reasonable cost

These efficient, high-capacity gliding glass door beverage refrigerators provide fast cooling in hot weather. Our heavy duty gliding glass door beverage refrigerator model has a larger compressor for quick cooling of warm beverages, great for high volume locations.

  • Self contained — ready to plug in.
  • Powder-coat exterior finish.
  • Black anodized aluminum double pane glass self-closing doors.
  • Heated PVC door jambs and tracks.
  • Hot gas condensate evaporator.
  • Switch controlled vertical LED lamps.
  • Adjustable coated wire shelving.
  • Balanced refrigeration systems.
  • Louvered motor covers.
  • Stainless steel floors.
  • Can be customized to suit individual needs.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants.
  • Low E and argon-filled double panel glass doors.

Powers Equipment offers gliding glass door beverage refrigerators with high-capacity refrigeration systems that provide super fast cooling even in hot weather. That also means they’re perfect for locations with a high-volume where the doors are being opened constantly, and they get newly added beverages cold faster, so you’ll always have the coldest beverages in town.

Packed with features, our glass door beverage refrigerators come completely self contained, so you just plug them in and you’re ready to go. The vertical fluorescent lamps are switch-controlled separately and adjustable coated wire shelving allows easy and safe loading and product removal. Our Low E and argon-filled double panel glass doors are self-closing, preventing cold air from escaping due to a door being accidentally left open. Should an accident occur, the bottom pans are stainless steel and can be removed for easy cleaning.

View our slideshow to see the different models of Gliding Glass Door Beverage Refrigerators we offer!