Gliding Door Floral Refrigerators

Save Space & Money

Gliding door floral display coolers can help you save space and money. Gliding door models fit into tight spaces where there isn’t enough aisle space for doors on other types of floral refrigerators to swing open. A Powers gliding door floral refrigerator is priced lower than swinging door models for added value. When you receive your refrigerator, which we can customize to suit your individual needs, all you have to do is plug it in.

Powers Equipment floral refrigerators are guaranteed to help your elegant floral arrangements and beautiful bouquets maintain that fresh-from-the-garden look. We’ve accomplished this by using the latest technologies to create the ideal environment for crisp petals and sturdy stems.

Our floral refrigerator features black anodized aluminum double pane glass. The doors on every flower cooler are self-closing and have heated PVC doorjambs and tracks. Our floral display coolers come with stainless steel floors, adjustable coated wire shelving, and powder-coated exterior finishes.

Floral Display Cooler Features

Additional features you will find in our floral refrigerators that aid in lengthening the shelf life of your flowers are:

  • Automatic condensate evaporators
  • Louvered motor covers.
  • Switch controlled vertical LED lamps.
  • Balanced refrigeration systems

Also, each floral refrigerator uses environmentally friendly refrigerants with low E and argon-filled double panel glass doors.

As a hard-working, dedicated professional you know that customers don’t want to buy flowers that look like they’re already beginning to wilt at the store; they want fresh flowers that will last for at least a few days. We kept this in mind – along with our space-saving, sliding door design for smaller stores – so that we could provide customers like you with money-saving floral refrigerators. Purchasing a Powers Equipment floral refrigerator means that less of your time spent creating floral arrangements and bouquets will go to waste.

View our slideshow to see the different models of floral coolers and refrigerators we offer!