Custom Refrigerators & Coolers

In addition to our complete line of “in stock” models, Powers can customize our refrigerators to suit your individual needs, with fast delivery on special orders.

General Features of our Custom Sized Refrigerators

  • Heated glass swinging doors
  • Double pane and side windows
  • Mirrored end panels
  • Door locks
  • Solid doors
  • Pass through doors
  • Legs and casters
  • Solid metal bases
  • Larger evaporator coils
  • Remote condensing units

Merchandising Accessories

  • Glass shelves
  • Step displays

Standard Features

  • Self-closing
  • Baked powder coat paint
  • All welded exteriors
  • High humidity refrigeration systems
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Stainless steel bottoms
  • Balanced refrigeration systems
  • Switch controlled LED lamps
  • Five-year compressor warranty

Sometimes the stock models offered in coolers and refrigeration units don’t come in a size that’s optimal for a customer’s needs. That’s where a custom refrigerator from Powers Equipment comes in. We can construct a custom refrigerator that fits precisely where you want it to go, and with the custom features, you demand. Choose a custom color, side windows, door locks, casters for easy moving, and much more.

Our standard features on all of our custom refrigerators also set our units above the rest, like self-closing doors, baked powder-coat paint, highly accurate temperature control, and switch-controlled LED Lamps, to name just a few.

If you demand a cooler or refrigerator of superior quality, choose a custom refrigerator from Powers Equipment. View our slideshow to see the different models of custom refrigerators we offer! Call us at 800-673-7868 to place your order.