Beverage Storage Refrigerator

Accessible Storage

Store beverages where you need them. Inexpensive ­storage for high volume locations. Rugged foamed-in-place construction with a stainless steel door and floor, galvanized interior, and self-contained refrigeration system.

  • BT70 has 2″ foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation.
  • All welded exterior, galvanized interior.
  • Stainless steel bottom.
  • Foamed-in-place stainless steel door with magnetic gasket and inside door release latch.
  • Supplied with optional crankcase heater and fan cycling control on condensing unit for outdoor operation.
  • Larger model can have two doors — load one side, unload the other.
  • Environmentally friendly beverage storage fridge.

If you are in need of an economical beverage storage fridge for a high-volume location, Powers Equipment Company offers three models that can fit your needs. You don’t always have time to go to the back to access the cooler when things are busy. Put the fridge closer to where you need it with our accessible storage coolers holding beverage at the perfect temperature to keep them cold and fresh.

Our foamed-in-place construction includes a stainless steel door, a galvanized interior and a refrigeration system that’s self-contained. Our larger model can have two doors, one for loading items and one for removing them, and a Powers Equipment fridge uses environmentally friendly refrigerants. The units can even be used outside with the supplied and optional crankcase heater and fan cycling control on the condensing unit. All models includes stainless steel bottoms and all welded exteriors for maximum durability.