Top-Mount Swinging Door Refrigerator

Top-Mount Swinging Door Refrigerator


Our top-mount swinging door refrigerators come in three sizes and have a top-mounted condensing unit, environment-friendly refrigerants, and stainless steel floor. These are self-closing and mounted on heated frames and door jambs.

Powers Equipment Top-Mount Swinging Door Refrigerators are available in 3 sizes, a 52-inch width with 2 full-length sliding doors, a 70-inch width with 2 extra-wide full-length sliding doors, and a 77-inch width with 3 full length swinging doors for standing beverage, food or floral display.

Why Choose a Powers Top-Mount Swinging Door Refrigerator?

These full-length doors allow for maximum visibility of all your products, allowing for optimal packouts for both beer, soda, and other products. The larger display means less time stocking the refrigerators, which means less labor costs each year. These refrigerators have a top-mounted condensing unit that is easy to move because it has quick connections and an attractive cover to move the unit through low doorways. These swinging doors are self-closing and mounted on heated frames and jambs. The floor of this model is made of stainless steel and these units are environmentally friendly refrigerants.

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