Top-Mounted Sliding Door Refrigerators

Top-Mounted Sliding Door Refrigerators


Top-mount sliding door refrigerators are available in three sizes and have switch-operated vertical LED lighting, stainless steel bottom pans, adjustable shelves, environment-friendly refrigerants, and powder-coated interior and exterior finish.

Powers Equipment Top-Mount Sliding Door Refrigerators come in 3 sizes, a 52-inch width with 2 full-length sliding doors, a 70-inch width with 2 extra-wide full-length sliding doors, and a 77-inch width with 3 full-length sliding doors for beverage, food or floral display.

Why Choose a Powers Top-Mount Sliding Door Refrigerator?

The top-mounted condenser makes these full-length glass door coolers efficient, easy to maintain, and easy to clean inside and out. The interior of the cooler is lit with switch-operated vertical LED lighting, and the doors are double pane Argon gas-filled glass. Doors are on heated frames to cut down on fogging. Each refrigerator is engineered to last, with stainless steel bottom pans and powder-coated interior and exterior finish in your choice of white or black. The shelves are adjustable and made with coated wire. Powers refrigerators are designed to conserve energy costs and are made with environmentally-friendly refrigeration materials.
When refrigerators ship, the condensing units are packaged separately and easily connected so that you can easily move them through low door frames and easily get them up and running.

Frequently Asked Questions about Top-Mount Sliding Door Refrigerators

What Is The Difference Between a Top-mount and a Bottom-mount Condenser?

Powers offers commercial refrigerators with both top-mount and bottom mounts, but here are some things that you need to keep in mind when purchasing either of the two:

  • A top-mount compressor allows better storage and prevents the accumulation of dust and particles in the compressor. In addition, the airflow for a top-mount compressor is less restrictive, providing better cooling for floral display coolers.
  • A bottom-mount is easier to clean compared to a top-mount and is also more affordable if you are on a tight budget.

Are Sliding Door Refrigerators Better Than Swinging Door Refrigerators?

Powers offers coolers and refrigerators with both swinging doors and sliding doors. Here are the basic differences between the two:

  • A swinging door refrigerator provides better access to the interiors of the fridge when open, but the open doors take up space in the aisle.
  • A sliding door refrigerator provides much more storage space and easy access to the interior without having to compromise the space surrounding the refrigerator.

Do These Refrigerators Have Caster Wheels?

If you are looking for a portable unit for your commercial space, Powers Equipment recommends you buy a top-mount sliding door refrigerator with caster wheels. The caster wheels have effective locks that can easily stabilize the unit in the space required.

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