Gliding Door Floral Refrigerators

This is the cooler to consider on a budget or if your location is in tight quarters. These gliding door models fit into tight spaces where there isn’t enough aisle space for doors to swing open. A Powers Equipment gliding door floral refrigerator is priced lower than swinging door models for added value. Gliding doors coolers are low maintenance and ready to go upon delivery.

Additional features you will find in our floral refrigerators that aid in lengthening the shelf life of your flowers are:

  • Automatic condensate evaporators
  • Louvered motor covers.
  • Switch controlled vertical LED lamps.
  • Balanced refrigeration systems with digital controls.
  • Bottom mounted refrigeration system with easy access.

Gliding Full Length Flower Coolers

Make the Most of Your Merchandise with Top-to-Bottom Glass

If you need more space for inventory and want a beautiful display with a variety of arrangements, the gliding full-length door is a fabulous choice. Enjoy the same space-saving convenience of not having doors swing open while displaying even more of what your customers desire. These models come with optional side windows and a bouquet rack for a light-friendly look. Watch your colors pop as sales increase in high traffic areas any place flowers are sold.

Additional features you will find in our full-length floral refrigerators are:

  • Automatic condensate evaporators
  • Louvered motor covers.
  • Switch controlled vertical LED lamps.
  • Balanced refrigeration systems with digital controls.
  • The top-mounted refrigeration system provides full-length storage for your finished arrangements.

Swinging Door Floral Coolers

Easy Access to Merchandise

If you have the room, swinging door models give your customers the easiest access to your flowers with self-closing doors. Take advantage of your space by making your displays aesthetically pleasing with a majestic opening of the doors revealing your floral selections.

  • Self-contained – ready to the plugin.
  • Black anodized aluminum double pane glass self-closing doors.
  • Automatic condensate evaporator.
  • Adjustable coated wire shelving.
  • Louvered motor covers.
  • It can be customized to suit individual needs.
  • Powder-coat exterior finish.
  • Heated PVC door jambs and tracks.
  • Switch controlled vertical LED lamps.
  • Balanced refrigeration systems.
  • Stainless steel bottom pans.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants.

Swinging Door Floral Coolers

Paint the perfect picture with a wall-sized display of flowers. Increase your display area by 20 percent with a swinging door full-length model. Doors run the full height of the cooler with a top-mounted or remote condensing unit.

  • Large 67-inch tall full-length doors create the maximum display space. Add the optional side windows and customers will see flowers from every angle.
  • These coolers have very high humidity refrigeration systems with excellent air distribution. Available in 54″, 70″ and 79″ body sizes
  • Wire shelves are standard; glass shelves are available as an option.

Custom Refrigerators & Coolers

General Features of our Custom Sized Refrigerators

Need more specifics? No problem. That’s where a custom cooler from Powers Equipment comes in. We can construct a model that fits precisely where you want it to go with the custom features you demand. Choose a custom color, side windows, door locks, casters for easy moving and much more.

  • Heated glass swinging doors Double pane and side windows
  • Mirrored end panels
  • Door locks
  • Solid doors
  • Pass through doors
  • Legs and casters
  • Solid metal bases
  • Larger evaporator coils
  • Remote condensing units
  • Merchandising Accessories
  • Glass shelves
  • Step displays