Storing Cartons

  • Check milk when it is received to be sure it smells fresh, and has been kept at a temperature between 35°F and 45°F.
  • Make sure all the containers are intact and the expiration dates are far enough out.
  • Store the milk in your school cooler immediately upon receiving the delivery. Store it at the lowest level in the cooler possible. The lower the level, the lower the temperature.
  • When placing the cartons in the school cooler, be sure to rotate older stock to the front, placing the cartons with later sell-by dates toward the back.
  • Be sure to store milk away from other food products that you might have placed in your cooler, as the milk can pick up other flavors.

Serving Milk

  • Make sure the school cooler door is closed properly before and after serving time to maintain the proper temperature for the milk.
  • Close the door if there are breaks between seatings.
  • Wipe up spills as soon as they occur.


Maintaining Your School Cooler

  • Check the temperature of your school cooler daily.
  • Wipe the cooler out daily and deep-clean it weekly with appropriate cleaning products. Avoid products with ammonia or bleach as they may impart odors to the milk, and damage cooler parts.
  • Flush drain lines regularly with cleaner, clean dust from vents, and follow a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Check for holes, rust, leaks, brittle gaskets, damaged hinges and latches, and any other problems that can occur over time.
  • Place your school cooler so that there is proper air flow around the machine.