Swinging Full Length Door Beverage Refrigerators

Maximum Display Area

Seven different body sizes with two sizes of full length hinged reversible doors offer ­maximum top to bottom display. Condensing unit can be top-mounted or remote. Remote units can be placed in a basement, back room, or outside to eliminate noise and heat from the store. The cooler can be supplied with its own remote condensing unit, or it can be purchased locally.

  • Top-mounted condensing unit supplied with quick connects and an attractive cover.
  • Automatic condensate evaporator standard on top mounted model.
  • All remotes equipped with expansion valves — specify refrigerant type when ordering.
  • Rigid all welded exterior with powder coat finish.
  • Black anodized aluminum, self-closing, swinging doors with heated frames and jambs.
  • Double pane tempered insulated glass.
  • Switch-controlled LED lamps.
  • Adjustable heavy duty white epoxy wire shelves with front product stop.
  • Stainless steel bottom pans.
  • Environmentally friendly refrigerants.